How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget


Saving Money and Having a Memorable, Romantic Time

As romantic as you want to be on Valentine’s Day, your wallet isn’t some infinite cosmic variable. It’s got a bottom, and if you spend money like there’s no end to it, you’re going to find that bottom a lot faster than you would otherwise. The thing is, when you spend a lot of money on the lady you love, you earn serious relationship “brownie points”.

You want those brownie points. But you need to be able to pay the rent. Where is the balance? It’s a hard one to find. Here are some tips for saving money that can help you have more available assets when Valentine’s Day rolls around. In this writing, we’ll explore tactics that preserve your budget while helping you satisfy her.

1. Buy Cards and Gifts After Feb. 14 for the Following Year

After Valentine’s Day, you can find cards, chocolate, and more at exceptional bargains. Now chocolate goes bad; you don’t want to give your lady old chocolate. However, you can buy a card in advance, a huge plush toy, and things of that nature during the off-season. The key is hiding them before the “big day”. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this strategy is excellent.

2. Special Songs, Locations, and Memories: Lean Into Them

Where did you first meet? What is your “song” as a couple? Do you have any favorite memories together? Think about a scavenger hunt with clues to locations that have special importance to you and your partner.

If this sounds like an episode from Parks and Recreation, it totally is. But it’s better if the guy plans the scavenger hunt for the lady, rather than what Leslie Knope did for her beau in that show. Don’t make things too hard, and don’t make any “soft pitches” either.

Put the best “gift” or “memory” second to last, with a clue that leads to you, and an activity the two of you can do. A walk around a lake, a drive, a hike, a meal; all may work.

3. Hide a Gift Inside Another Gift

You’ve got to be careful with this one or she’ll never realize what you’ve done. Say she loves Lindt Truffles. Say you see a box arranged like a heart, and with a transparent “top” held together with a bit of ribbon.

Buy a necklace, or a ring, or some earrings, or a little gem you wrap with a love note that’s tiny—you can go cheap because the presentation is where the real “gift” is. Now carefully open the heart-shaped chocolate box, remove one of the chocolates, and either place the jewelry inside the chocolate, beneath it or to the side.

Just be sure it’s properly hidden and will be found. The difficulty here is not telegraphing the surprise. She’ll eat those chocolates, and when she finds the trinket and the note, her heart will melt like butter in the sun. For best results, give her this gift a few days prior to Valentine’s Day just in case.


4. If You’re an Artist, Make Her Something

Don’t be “cheap” in terms of effort; time is your investment here. Spend some real time on whatever you decide to create a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. Once complete, set up a “date night” where you reveal what you made for her. Chocolates and V-day cards are good to supplement with in case what you made doesn’t quite resonate as expected. A Valentine’s Day Celebration That Doesn’t Break The Bank
Making her something from your own resources will melt her heart if you do your best. Hiding a gift within a gift allows you to make two inexpensive things priceless owing to associated surprise. A scavenger hunt of memories is fun and just takes time. Lastly, acquiring gifts in the off-season for a future Valentine’s Day celebration is also a good tactic here.

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