10 Best Dermatologists For Your Skin


The most common mistake that people make is to ignore the importance of skincare until things start getting out of hand. One of the major factors that are helping people realize its importance is influencers from Instagram. If you’ve recently stepped into the world of skincare, you’re not all alone. A lot of people like you had put aside their skincare when the schedule got crazy.

Legend has it; it’s better late than never. So, now is the time to get back on track. However, it’s equally important to seek professional advice as the skin is the most sensitive organ of your body. Let’s find out about the ten best dermatologists you can trust for your skincare.

1. Dr Aparna Santhanam

Dr. Aparna Santhanam is a Mumbai-based cosmetologist and dermatologist who has headed the Kaya Skin Clinic for the last five years. Not merely that, she also has published two books named Let’s Hair Talk and Skin Deep.

She continues to impart her professional skin care services at a self-owned clinic located in Mumbai. Plus, she works in association with several reputed brands like Cipls, Ponds, etc.

2. Dr Jaishree Sharad

You must have heard about a famous skin clinic named Skinfiniti. Well, DR Jaishree Sharad, an eminent cosmetic dermatologist, is the founder of it. Apart from that, she was also appointed as the Vice President of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India. Plus, she’s globally known as a trainer of dermal fillers and Botox treatment.

You can determine the quality of her services from the clients she handles. Her clients include the mighty Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Big B, Salman Khan, etc.

3. Dr Kiran Lohia

The New Delhi-based doctor has received her training from New York and currently works and resides in Delhi. Her reputation precedes her for being the only Indian-American cosmetologist and dermatologist in India. Her specialization lies in cosmetic and dermatology lasers.

Although she’s actively working as a team member in the American Society of Dermatology and American Medical Association, she also runs her brand named Lumiere Dermatology. The brand offers a wide range of dermatologically approved products.

4. Dr Rashmi Shetty

Dr. Rashmi Shetty is popularly-known for being a cosmetic physician. Not only that, but she also got her book “Age Erase” published. Most Bollywood celebrities and athletes seek her expert guidance for better skin health. The skin specialist has two clinics located in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The famous doctor is also a host to Voluma and Juvederm in India. Apart from that, she has also set a strong example of women empowerment by becoming the first India to become one scientific, academic forum, such as the World Congress of Anti-Ageing. Besides, she also works in close association with Unilever, Bio-oil, Ponds, Parachutes, etc.

5. Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra

She’s continuously ranked as India’s number one dermatologist based out of New Delhi. Skin Alive, her brand flaunts a number of clinics in and around New Delhi. In 2013, Dr. Chhabra was honored with the title of Best dermatologist of the year by Vogue magazine.

Her educational background involves a bachelor’s degree in MBBS, and a master’s in dermatology, Leprology, and Venereology from the MAMC. Currently, she continues to practice in her hometown.  

6. Dr Subha Dharmana

Well, this doctor right here is a two-in-one combo. Apart from being a great cosmetic dermatologist, she’s also versed in hair transplant surgery. Her clinic, named LeJeune Medspa, runs in several places in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The doctor takes care of the skin health of almost all South celebrities. Before establishing her career in India, she worked in the United Kingdom. She was awarded for being women entrepreneur of the year in the year 2012.

7. Dr Chytra V Anand

Kosmoderma Clinic’s medical director Dr. Anand is a reputed cosmetic dermatologist who received her training from the US and UK. She has a strong record of dealing with major clients back abroad. Her clientele list includes impressive Hollywood celebrities.

Currently, she has clinics running under her in Bangalore. The International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine was founded in the year 2007 by her. It’s aimed to train doctors in Cosmetic Dermatology.

8. Dr Jamuna Pai

If you want to know the person who revolutionized the dermatology industry, it’s none other than Dr. Jamuna Pai. Being the founder of Blush Clinics, the cosmetic physician owns several clinics in numerous cities.

She’s responsible for the introduction of new technologies such as Fraxel, skin lightening peels, thermage, and Botox in India. Due to her revolutionary efforts in cosmetology, she was honored with Doordarshan Sahyadri Hirkani in the year 2013.

9. Dr Ruby Tandon

Dr. Ruby Tandon has earned a reputation for being a famous surgical dermatologist in the country. She was awarded Breakthrough Innovator in Cosmetic Dermatology for her work in the year 2014.

Although currently, she’s practicing in her clinic named Afterglow in Mumbai, prior to this, she received her training from Chicago. She attends to various famous celebrity clients.

10. Dr Manasi Shirolikar

If you’re a beginner looking for basic skincare advice, you can have a look at the content posted by Dr. Manasi Shirolikar. Her content delivers the rundown of the skincare routine in the simplest and best possible way. Her content will cover everything right, from the basics to the advance.


The key to forever retaining the glow of your skin is to stick to a strict skincare routine. If you ignore the health of your skin today, you’ll have damaged skin tomorrow. So, fix an appointment with the dermatologist at regular intervals. This will save you from potential infections by curbing the situation at the initial stage. And if you’re wondering whom you should consult, you’ve got a list of the 10 best dermatologists mentioned above with their addresses. Feel free to book an online consultation if you’re from a different city.      

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