6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight from Working Out


If you want to lose weight, you need to do two things-fix your diet and boost your activity levels. Once your diet has been brought under control, it’s time to hit the gym and work on those muscles and sweat out many calories. It sounds very simple, but sometimes, your workouts don’t give you good enough results. How can you continue your progress and march on toward your fitness goals? Here are all the reasons why you might not be losing weight from working out: 

You are not resting enough

This might sound contradictory, but if you want to get the best results from your exercise, you must get as much rest as activity. When your body is exhausted, it is impossible to achieve a perfect form while exercising and building muscle. Also, sleepy and tired people often choose to skip the gym or not give their 110% while lifting or doing cardio. And one last thing, being tired also brings more stress to the body, and stress causes a much higher level of cortisol, the hormone that regulates appetite. So all your exercise might go to waste if you don’t create a good sleep schedule and get quality rest. 

You have reached your plateau

When you’re exercising too much, it can actually be contra-productive to your weight loss. Why? Well, your body will adapt to a heavy tempo of exercising quickly and become more efficient. This will cause you to burn fewer calories during your sets, which is called a weight loss plateau. Once your weight loss slows down or plateaus, it is necessary to rev up your exercise regime. Try to mix your regular workout routine with something new your body is not used to. Sign up for a fun new sport or add some new machines to your gym routine. 

You have an underlining health issue

Sometimes, you might be doing everything right, both at the gym and in the kitchen, but the results simply don’t come. In that case, it’s wise to go and check your health. In some cases, like hyperthyroidism, sleep apnea, and polycystic ovarian syndrome, it’s much harder to lose weight. Also, some meds you might be taking can boost your appetite and cause weight gain. What you can do to actually lose weight is consult with your doctor or even opt for weight loss surgery which can jumpstart your progress. After the surgery, you will notice how exercise and dieting bring so much more effective results. 

You’re eating too many calories

It’s completely normal to eat more when you exercise. Working out requires a lot of energy, and you definitely need to refuel and recharge after a hard day at the gym or on the trek. However, it is necessary to be aware of how many calories you’re burning during your workouts so you don’t overeat when you get home. It’s healthy to give your body enough calories after exercising but not too much, otherwise, you will gain weight or at best stay in one spot on the scale. 

You’re not lifting weights

While cardio has long carried the crown of being the king of weight loss, today we know that lifting can be just as effective. Actually, the best results are achieved when you combine cardio with weight lifting. The more toned your muscles are, the more fat you’ll burn during exercise. Try adding some HIIT to your cardio routines and slowly introducing resistance training-this is the best way to take baby steps toward your regular training. Intense HIIT and heavy weights can be great for targeting stubborn fat. 

You’re not working out hard enough

Working out for fat loss is all about trial and error, but one is for a sure-more time at the gym doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get fitter. If your goal is to lose weight and get healthier, you don’t actually need to spend more than an hour per session at the gym. You should focus on intensity instead of duration when exercising. Work hard, sweat a lot, and go home to recover! 

Everyone is capable of losing weight, especially with the combination of a good diet and exercise. Some lose weight slower, some faster, but with dedication and hard work, it is always possible to achieve good results. There are many things you can do to get over your weight loss plateau and get fitter and fitter through exercise. So don’t give up when the scale stops moving but use these tips and continue improving yourself and reaching for your goals.

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