Ball Exercises – A great way to strengthen your core!


In my experiences, I have realized that using an exercise ball helps to increase vote stability as well as a very strong core, as you can perform many different exercises on the ball, to strengthen the lower back, the abdominals, obliques, and transverse abdomens too.

The great benefits you get from doing these is your posture will improve drastically, and also get a very firm midsection, but don’t forget that diet counts a lot too if you want the exercise to pay off and reveal that new defined muscle underneath, trust me it is worth the dieting and working out to get a strong sexy core, which will also raise confidence too!

Now let’s start talking about the exercises you can do and the many benefits which these involve too. You can wear a waist trainer in ball exercise time. A video is the best brand for waist trainer UK.

Great use of the ball…perform many different exercises!

Benefits of Ball exercises

The ball on its own is a pain reliever for the lower back! As many people, these days do have back pains and muscle imbalance which lead to poor posture too. The exercises which you can perform will be good for flexibility as well as relieving back pain, there are many therapists that recommend that you use an exercise ball to improve overall muscle balance as well as overall core strength too. Exercise on a ball will ensure that you reach the hidden muscles in the core, such as the transverse abdomens and the lower back muscles, this will improve the center of gravity, giving you more control of your own body as well.

A strong core from constant exercise will help in overall life too, as your body will feel more at ease when it comes to doing everyday activities such as walking, running, playing sports, you will feel a massive difference in your body and trust me, it will feel really good as well, as there are fewer chances of injury as well when you have a strong core!

Muscle imbalances can be balanced out using the ball!

I admit that I used to pay more attention to my abs, more than my back, this led to me having constant back pains, and I never knew why, and then I researched into the matter, and found out that when you train the front of your body more than the back of your body, it will create an imbalance that leads to bad posture.

This happens because the muscles at the front such as the abs have been worked out more than the back, thus the muscles at the back can’t handle the new pressure of the muscle in the front, so I started some ball exercises which then helped me to balance out my back with my abs, which then led to really good posture, and no more pain in my back, this happened because the muscles in the back have caught up with the abs, and created a strong core in the process, never underestimate the power of the exercise ball! (Bit corny I know! Lol).

Back to the point, try these exercises out and you will see and feel the benefits within a couple weeks, maybe even the first week, depending on how much intensity you’re willing to put in.

The Ball Exercises that I use and recommend

I would recommend fitting these into your current routine or when you have spare time.

Back Extensions – you do these by lying flat with your hips and mid-section on the ball, with legs straight, and hands behind head, you should be in a position parallel to the floor, as if your curving around the ball, and then you raise your chest, neck and head up with your hands behind your head still, so that your body is in a straight line, repeat this for 12 reps of 3 sets.

Butt Lift – Lie on the ball with the head, neck, back and shoulders supported, your knees should be bent and your glutes raised off the floor, and make your body into a bridge without moving the ball, and then lower hips back down so you look as if your sitting against the ball, and repeat this for 12 reps and 3 sets.

Plank – this is my favorite because you have to keep balance and you can feel your body working to keep the balance and also the muscles will get tense! A plank will be performed with your feet on the ball without moving it, and you straighten your body out, and then have your forearms on the floor bent 90 degrees, so that your back, shoulders, neck, and head are all straight in a line, and hold this for 1 minute, and repeat 3 times.

That’s about it for the ball exercises, as these are the ones I perform and have felt many results from, these all work the whole midsection and you will feel the burn afterward! Try them out and let me know how you feel!

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