Why Pre-workout Exercises are Recommended for Martial Arts Training?


Pre-workout exercises have always been a topic of conflict. Many trainers and athletes overlook the importance of pre-workout exercises as the trend of taking pre-workout supplements and diets have now taken over the health and fitness industry.

The reason why most fitness enthusiasts and athletes do not partake in pre-workout exercises is due to the notion that dietary supplements can prepare their bodies for the intensive workouts that they are about to engage in. There is no denying the benefits of such supplements, however, the importance of warming up your body beforehand intensive exercise routines remains stationary.

In high-intensity sports, like boxing, martial arts, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc. pre-workout exercises play a vital role in preparing your body to endure and perform better in your intensive exercising sessions. Martial arts is one of the most physical sports in the world and has some of the toughest exercises that a partaker has to go through.

Relying only on your supplements or diets to prepare your body for extensive training sessions is not enough. Partaking in pre-workout physical activities while wearing proper sportswear attire items is important and here are the top beneficial reasons you should do it.

1- Help’s you achieve the right mindset

When you perform light physical activities an hour before your actual workout. Your brain gets the signal that you are about to take perform hard physical work. Your brain prepares your body by making your body parts active and ready to perform heavy-duty tasks. It ultimately puts you in the right mindset and helps you perform better in your training sessions.  

Likewise, wearing sportswear (gym wear) workout attire or athleisure will allow you to feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed during your training sessions.

2- It increases the benefits of supplements

You will not be able to benefit from any pre-workout or dietary supplements or protein shakes to the fullest extent if you do not maintain proper timing between your supplements intake and workout sessions. If you take your supplements 1 hour ahead of your training session and perform light physical activities.

Similarly, when you wear comfortable and breathable athleisure wear outfits it will help your body to feel relaxed, comfortable and will also aid in digesting the supplements or protein shake that you have taken and will energize your body fully and you will intrinsically be able to perform better while practicing sports like Martial arts or MMA.

3- Avoids burnout

If you practice martial arts or other similar sports you will understand how tiresome your exercising sessions can be. As most beginner-level athletes suffer from pre-mature fatigue or burnout after only performing a couple of exercises.

To avoid such a predicament you will need to warm your body up before intensive training sessions. This will help you in preparing your body for maximum performance.

4- Prevent injuries

When you try to lift heavy weights without warming up your body. The chances of muscle pull, torn tissues, ligaments, and joint pain increase drastically. As a martial arts fighter, you will need to go through intensive training sessions that will require you to give your best in order to complete the daily basis or work out routines.

And suffering an internal injury during exercise can put you out of commission for a long time. So, to avoid such a fate it is imperative that you warm your body with some pre-workout exercises so you can avoid the risk of any potential injury. 

5- Improved blood circulation

Partaking in low-intensity physical actions before your training can improve your blood circulation throughout your body. As your exercising sessions will likely include full-body workouts in which all of your body muscles and body parts will be used. This improved blood circulation will increase your agility and performance significantly. 

Pre-workout exercises

So these were the top reasons or say health benefits that pre-workout exercises can offer you in your martial arts training. However, some of you who maybe are new to the concept of exercising beforehand their actual workout routine, may ask what types of low-intensity exercises can be performed to achieve these benefits?

And the answer is, whatever low-intensity physical exercises you may like. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You can take part in exercises like running, jogging, cycling, pushups, stretching, practicing Yoga and mindfulness, and so on.

Taking part in low-intensity physical activities like these for an hour or 30 minutes before your intensive training sessions can help you achieve the right mindset, prepare your body, and can increase your workout performance and results. However, one thing you should have in mind and avoid is not to overdo it. You should not get yourself burned out before the actual training. The trick lies in maintaining a balance. You should not do exercise more than 15-20 minutes before the planned exercising session. This will help you feel active without feeling fatigued.

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