Brow Lift Surgery: Important Things You Need To Know About


A brow lift surgery has become extremely popular among women in recent times.  It gives you a more youthful and fresh look in no time. Here are some of the benefits of brow lift and why you should consider getting it done-

Get a fresh, younger look

The lines between your eyebrows and forehead and around the corners can make you look tired or angry even.  By undergoing lift brow surgery, you can smooth out these fine lines and look happier and relaxed.

Smooth away crease lines

The brow lift surgery will remove the excess skin and tissue and all the signs of aging. This procedure will help you get rid of the frown lines and you will end up looking more youthful and fresh. It will also improve the appearance of the upper lids and open up your eyes.  This will make you look more alive and awake and alert.


A brow lift surgery is long-lasting. The results are amazing and require far fewer repeated treatments to maintain the results. It offers long-term treatment of creases, fine lines, crinkles, and sagging skin. This method, though is a little expensive as a one-time investment and totally worth your money.

This surgery can also satisfy the custom needs of the patients and can be tailored to each patient’s needs to ensure natural and beautiful-looking results to meet the specific aesthetic needs. 

Pre-operative Care

Prior to undergoing a brow lift surgery, the plastic surgeon will give you a set of pre-operative instructions. These may include the following:

  • Stop smoking at least 4 weeks before surgery
  • Do not take certain medications, vitamins, and herbs at least 2 weeks before surgery
  • Buy all requisite supplies during the recovery process such as groceries, bandages, pain medication, and bandages, prior to the day of surgery
  • Get a detailed estimate of how you can cover the expense of brow lift surgery
  • Strictly avoid drinking or eating anything after midnight (on the day of surgery)
  • Strictly wear jewelry, make-up, or contact lenses on the day of your surgery
  • Appoint a friend or family member who can drive you to and from your surgical center

Instructions for Recovery

Proper aftercare instructions will be offered by your doctor during the recovery period. Make sure you visit a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in performing brow lift surgery. This is important to avoid serious complications.

The time span for recovery may vary from one patient to another. Here’s what you are supposed to do in order to ensure a safe and speedy recovery process:

– Wear bandages for a few days after the procedure

– You should wait until bandages are removed for getting a shower and hair wash

– Keep head elevated using pillows for a minimum of 2 days following a procedure

– Apply ice packs for reducing swelling

– Apply ointment prescribed by a doctor on the surgical site to reduce scarring

– Take pain killers any prescribed by a doctor

– Avoid strenuous activities (sex, heavy lifting, exercise) for up to 2 weeks following the procedure

– It takes 1-2 weeks to remove stitches

– You must rest for at least 10 days before returning to work

Final Results

Patients can notice a significant decrease in bruising, swelling, or other visible side effects. The results of the surgery will be much more apparent. Patients will look and feel better. After the healing is finished, you can enjoy your new, refreshed appearance. Expect your forehead to look smooth and wrinkle-free. Eyebrows will be repositioned to impart a brighter and more appealing look.

Best Reasons To Get a Brow Lift

Get rid of the angry or tired appearance

When one has lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, it can make one look tired, angry, and frowning. People who appear this way are often less approachable because other people don’t see them as calm and happy. When you get a brow lift, you can look happier, relaxed, and appear friendly. 

Smooth facial creases and fine lines

A new lift can help in reducing and removing the skin and tissue that can lead to lines and creases near your eye area. A brow lift can smoothen out the lines and make the creases disappear. You can have much healthy-looking skin and you get a more youthful look. A brow lift will make you look more alert as it will open up your eyes and make you feel and appear more alive and lively. 

Long-lasting results

Botox treatments are effective, but you will find that the results are not long-lasting. A brow lift surgery is permanent and gives you a more long-lasting result. You might have to get it done again but after a long time. It is a great value for money and more effective than any possible treatment.