Health and Wellness Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps


Himalayan Pink Salt is all the rage in the wellness industry nowadays, thanks to the new discoveries and claims about its uses and benefits each day. Whether used in food, as a body scrub, as a deodorant, or as an energy booster, this salt is said to have a plethora of advantages for our health and wellness.

One use of Himalayan Pink Salt is for decoration and health combined, in the form of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined from its only source in the world – the ancient sea deposits in Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan. Blocks of the salt are then handed carved into various shapes and sizes, and fitted with electric bulbs to serve as lamps. You can get different types of Himalayan salt lamps in bulk from Ittefaq Salt-one of the largest Himalayan salt suppliers.

These exotic décor items with their calming light orange-pink hues are more than just decoration pieces. Read on to find out what they can actually do for you.

How They Do It

Before telling you about some astounding benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps may have for your health, you must know how these effects are actually possible.

The salt lamps heat up after being switched on, and moisture that commonly settles on the lamps evaporates in the form of negative ions into the atmosphere. Himalayan Salt Lamps owe all their healing powers to these negative ions (also known as ‘vitamins of the air), apart from their therapeutic orange light.

Other common sources of negative ions include waterfalls and beaches – refreshing landscapes of nature.

What They Do…

For the Purification of Air

In this era of excessive electronic devices, positive ions are in abundance in the atmosphere, forming harmful electronic smog. However, negative ions(Ref-1) from Himalayan Salt Lamps can combat the harmful effects of these positive ions by neutralizing them. The salt lamps also act as natural air purifiers. The negative ions produced by these salt lamps remove all the dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and dander from the air and make it clean to breathe in. This creates a fresh atmosphere indoors. (Ref-2)

To Relieve Allergies

Since negative ions from the lamps have the potential to remove common allergens like dust and pollen from the atmosphere, they can indirectly relieve symptoms of allergies in people who stay in their vicinity. This potential therapeutic effect of these lamps has been much raved about.

Himalayan Salt Lamps 2

For Respiratory Disorders and Asthma

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are said to alleviate symptoms of many respiratory disorders and may even be helpful in the treatment of asthma. This concept originates from the practice of Halotherapy, the use of salt moisture to treat problems related to respiration.

For Depression and SAD

The warm orange glow of Himalayan Salt Lamps is said to have a mood-lifting effect to such an extent that it can be therapeutic in cases of depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Patients should breathe in the fresh air around the lamps and bask in their warm glow to feel better and get in a more positive mood.

As Color Therapy

The dull orange light of Himalayan Salt Lamps can be used to your advantage as a source of color therapy too! This light can be a mood-lifter along with improving focus and boosting energy levels. For a positive take while going about your daily life, keeping a Himalayan Salt Lamp near you on your bedside or office table could go a long way.

For Better Sleep

Himalayan Salt Lamps are worth a try for insomniacs or those who are just too stressed to sleep well on a daily basis(Ref-3). It is common knowledge that blue light (such as the one emitted by smartphones and laptops) should be avoided for an hour or two before bedtime. The opposite holds true for the warm glow of Himalayan Salt Lamps. The orange-pink hues can provide stress relief and calm you down so that you can experience deep, peaceful slumber.

The eco-friendly nature of Himalayan Salt Lamps is an added bonus to all their benefits for health and wellness. Free from any artificial components other than the electronic bulb, these lamps are a great addition to any home.

The amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt itself do not end here. While this salt is said to be useful in certain skin conditions, and even joint problems, its versatility seems unlimited with newer discoveries about its potential benefits being made each day. With all the above said, one thing is for sure – Himalayan Salt is nature’s gift to mankind.


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