Himalayan Salt vs Epsom Salt: Benefits & Uses


Salt is a mineral substance that occurs naturally and is composed of sodium and chloride ions. It is a nutrient that the body needs to control blood pressure, maintain fluid balance, and promote neuron and muscle function. Pink Himalayan salt bulk, commonly known as pink salt or rock salt, is a form of salt extracted in Pakistan from the Khewra Salt Mine. It is called after the Himalayan mountain range, despite the fact that it is not found in the Himalayas.

What is Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, commonly known as magnesium sulfate, is a naturally occurring mineral compound composed of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. It was found in the early 17th century in Epsom, Surrey, England, hence its name. Epsom salt has been extensively utilized for its medicinal powers and health advantages since then.

Uses of Epsom Salt

  • It is commonly used as a bath additive because it is soothing and relaxing.
  • Epsom salt is also used for pets (animals). Most commonly, it is safe to clean pet’s ears, treating them for fleas and ticks.
  • The primary usage of this Salt is in plants and gardens.
  • We can use Epsom salt in various methods, but it is too good for our health if we bathe it.

Benefits of Epsom Salt

  • It also prevents muscle cramps, most commonly in athletes who work too hard.
  • To lower your blood pressure, Epsom salt is good for flushing out excess sodium from your body.
  • To relieve pain is another benefit of it. Epsom salt can help ease this problem by reducing pain. Because in its bulk, magnesium, and sulfate is present, which helps to relieve muscle pain and cramps.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is a type of rock salt produced by hand from the Khewra mines. A large number of minerals are added to it. It has numerous color categories due to minerals, including light, moderate, and dark pink and black Himalayan Salt. Because of the high concentration of iodine in black Himalayan Salt, its color or hue is dark.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • Good for blood pressure (because the amount of sodium is less and more minerals are added).
  • Balance the pH level of your body.
  • Improve your immune and digestive systems.

How to Take a Bath with Epsom Salt

For 15 minutes, soak one cup of this Salt in warm water. After 15 minutes, when the mixture is completely dissolved, take a bath, and you will feel relaxed and calm. So, let’s suppose we utilize this Salt for bathing. Then we see our muscles relaxing.

Difference Between Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt

Difference Between Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt
Himalayan saltEpsom salt
Himalayan salt has 84 minerals, and it has more benefits and uses rather than Epsom salt.  Epsom salt is not salt but a mineral found in water. In it, high levels of magnesium and sulfate ions are present.  
Himalayan salt is gathered by hand, ensuring it is pure and clean of impurities.  It was extracted from Epsom water in 1970. It came from the river in England.
Himalayan salt helps reduce inflammation in our bodies and helps us sleep better.  Epsom salt is better for plants and gardening than Himalayan salt.
Himalayan salt is edible, so that we may consume it, and it offers numerous mental and physical benefits.  Epsom salt is not used to make food. As a result, it can be used as a medicine to treat constipation.

Is Epsom salt orally safe and beneficial?

Mix Salt in water and then drink it may not be suitable for oral health. So it’s good to use Epsom salt for bathing purposes, not for eating because if you eat, this Salt can cause many health issues in your body. So it’s best to use Salt in food. Use Himalayan Salt because it has lower sodium ions and more minerals are present in it.

Which Salt is best:

Both salts have their benefits and uses. But for eating and healing purposes, Himalayan Salt is best, and if we want to bathe with Salt, then Epsom salt is best. The taste of it is unbearable so it’s not suitable for taking.

Is Epsom Good for Plants

Epsom salt is a natural fertilizer that helps keep pests and diseases at home. It contains magnesium sulfate, which aids in seed germination. So, applying this to the plants will boost chlorophyll production and help plants and flowers grow better. The owners or garden professionals also recommend adding Epsom salt to plants for enhanced growth and beauty. Because magnesium is already present in the soil or Epsom, it benefits gardening and plants.

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