How To Find The Right Workout Routine For Your Body Type


The body type (or somatotype) represents the idea that there are three different body compositions we are naturally predetermined to have: ectomorphic, endomorphic, and mesomorphic body types. While this theory has been around for decades, fitness enthusiasts have only recently started paying closer attention to body types, as it’s thought that a majority of people aren’t training the right way for their bodies, or their age. This is the main reason behind poor results and no noticeable improvements despite regular physical exercise. To help you avoid this issue and create the best possible workout routine, here are some ways you could train appropriately for your body type:

Know Your Body Type

To find the most efficient workout routine for your specific needs, you must first identify your specific body type. Consider the common traits associated with each to determine your own. For instance, endomorphic body types tend to have a naturally slower metabolism, gain fat quickly and lose it slowly, carry more fat throughout the body, and have a stockier bone structure with larger hips and midsection.

Mesomorphic body types, on the other hand, have a faster metabolism, developed athletic musculature, and a medium bone structure with hips narrower than the shoulders. Ectomorphic types have a naturally fast metabolism, relatively smaller muscles, and narrower hips and shoulders compared to height.

Focus on Your Diet

Working out is undoubtedly important. Apart from improving your overall health, exercise is what determines your muscle-to-fat ratio, and what helps to tone and sculpt your muscles and give you more definition. However, it’s never enough alone. When you’re taking in too many calories or eating the wrong types of food, your body will grow in unfavorable ways regardless of your body type. For that reason, you need to combine regular exercise with the right caloric intake, as well as a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, a lower carb consumption, and some healthy fats. That is the only way to achieve your desired results.

Use a Helpful App

Constructing a good workout routine that suits your specific body type could be quite a challenging task. That is why you might benefit from a great application such as the helpful Humango sports training app when creating an exercise regime. An app like this will track your performance metrics and health data in an effort to deliver the best training strategy for your unique needs.

Its virtual coaching assistant translates all collected data into real-time workout adjustments and actionable insights, while the built-in social features allow you to easily connect with other similar athletes. No matter your activity level, exercise preferences, or body type, a useful application is a great way to achieve your fitness goals.

Incorporate Cardio

If you’d like to build your own routine, on the other hand, cardio is thought to be one of the best ways to improve workout performance and burn fat more quickly. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all of weight loss as it’s often touted as, especially when it comes to different body types. While endomorphs might benefit greatly from cardio, for example, ectomorphs don’t need that much aerobic exercise in order to maintain or lose weight. Similarly, low-to moderate-intensity cardio might be the best option for mesomorphs. But combining strength and resistance training with aerobic exercise and striking that ideal balance could be helpful for all.

Try Weight Training

Weight training is another important aspect to include in every workout routine, as it aids in weight loss, increasing muscle mass, and gaining strength. But just like cardio, weightlifting should be adjusted based on the body type as well. Ectomorphs might need weight training the most, as they tend to find it difficult to put on and maintain mass. Mesomorphs have things a bit easier, requiring only a moderate amount of exercises that include lifting weights, combined with moderate cardio. Even though it might seem contradictory, weight training could also be quite useful to endomorphs, allowing them to accelerate weight loss while increasing strength and muscle mass in the process.

Include HIIT exercises

In recent years, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been increasingly popular in the world of fitness, and for a good reason. While HIIT workouts are relatively short, they tend to build muscle easily, burn more calories, and increase the heart rate more than steadier, more moderate cardio. Due to their incredible calorie-burning results, HIIT exercises are the most beneficial for endomorphs, who tend to store more fat in their bodies naturally. However, even ectomorphs and mesomorphs can find the heart-racing effects of HIIT to be quite effective, as long as it’s incorporated in more balanced ways, no more than 15-20 minutes a few times a week.

Creating the best workout routine for your body and desired goals can be an especially difficult task, but it is possible with the advice mentioned above. Just remember that your natural body type is not a life sentence, and any result can be achieved with a balanced diet and the right exercise regime.

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