Quick Guide: The Importance of First Aid and CPR Training


Getting online first aid and CPR certification means that you have acquired life-saving skills that can come in handy in case of medical emergencies.  The most common emergencies being drowning, choking or a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Your training could make all the difference in a life or death situation. Here is why you should consider taking a first aid and CPR class.

Become a Life Saver

Studies show that about 400,000 individuals perish annually as a result of abrupt cardiac arrest. However, if one of these people could be near someone who has first aid training chances are that they could have survived. This is because doing CPR can help maintain normal brain function and keep the blood flowing during cardiac arrest thereby keeping them alive. Your number one reason why should get online first aid and CPR certification is that you can help SAVE Someone’s LIFE.

Make the Patient More Comfortable

During the training, you will not only acquire life-saving skills but you will also be able to learn how to make the patient more comfortable during an emergency. Some medical emergencies are minor and therefore hospitalization may be unnecessary. However, learning important techniques such as how to bandage a wound properly or taking care of a deep cut can help make the victim relax and feel less anxious.

Handle the Situation Before it Gets Worse

Some medical emergencies require the patient to get immediate assistance or the situation could worsen. If you are trained properly on first aid and how to handle emergencies you will be able to help the victim and prevent their condition from deteriorating. You can stabilize the patient before the EMTs arrive and take it from there.

Become a Valuable Asset to Your Community

Being certified in first aid and CPR makes you a valuable asset not only to your friends and family but also to the community at large and even your colleagues. If such skills could be attained by more people then there could be fewer deaths caused by minor emergencies. That is why need to get trained and also encourage your friends and family members to do the same as it is for the greater good.

Common Cases of Cardiac Arrests are Reported at Home

The American Heart Association estimates that about 80% of cardiac arrest cases usually happen at home. In addition, each minute that goes without performing CPR decreases the patient’s chances of survival between 7% to 10 %. If you are equipped with CPR training you could be the one to save your loved ones from sudden death.

Now, here’s the importance of providing CPR and first aid training to employees:

Create a Safe Working Environment

There is no doubt that employees are the most valuable asset of any business. They should, therefore, work in a safe and healthy environment and the first step is ensuring that they are trained on basic life support. If they know that they are valued by the business their morale will increase and their productivity will shoot to the roof.

Immediate Response In case of an Emergency

Many companies are willing to sponsor their employees for OSHA training and in the process neglect the importance of first aid and CPR training. As a result, a good number of the workforce is left unprepared for how to respond to medical emergencies. If the employees are prepared and know what to do in case one of them is injured or has attacked, they will be able to respond swiftly and save the victim from losing their life. This can also save the organization a lot of money on litigation if they are sued by the worker.

Employee Get to Learn Essential Transferable Skills

If most of your workforce comes from a remote area then it means they may be far from medical centers or hospitals.  As a result, they have to rely on first aid training or any form of BLS training during emergencies. What they learn during the training may be more than just simple skills and techniques. They also get to learn how to use common medical equipment, perform CPR on someone who is unconscious and take care of bleeding wounds among others. Such skills may also come in handy not just in the workplace but also in the communities they reside in.

It is More Than a Legal and Moral Obligation to Educate Your Employees Most businesses confine themselves to what is legally and morally right for their employees. They only tend to do the minimum of what is expected of them. You may stock your business with first aid kits and supply the information but if nobody knows what to do then the kits may not be useful. That is why organizations have to go beyond what is expected of them and train their employees on how to perform first aid and CPR to their injured colleagues in case of an emergency.

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