Why We Love Rose Plant (And You Should, Too!)


A rose is thought of only as a flower of expressing love, positive feelings and beauty but in fact, there is more to the plant. Ancient tribes have used for long, the rose flower and its stems for various medicinal purposes. Will you believe the number of different rose species is 100? The home country of this flower is Asia, but in recent times, the plant is also grown in northern Africa, North America and across Europe.

Medicinal Uses

Rose Water –

Rose water is known for its astringent properties. It also enhances the growth of hair and nourishes the scalp. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties. It is used for the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, constipation, acne, relaxation of the mind, dry skin and lips. Rose water is used by many actors for removing makeup.

Rose Tea

The tea prepared from rose petals has been found effective in cleaning the liver as well gallbladder. Other benefits are warding off bronchial infection and providing relief to sore throats. Some vitamins found in roses are Vitamin D, C, E, A and vitamin B3.

Rose Oil –

  • In combination with almond and grapefruit oils, it is used for the treatment of liver problems, dehydration, fatigue, asthma, nausea, ulcers, hemorrhage, and bacterial infections of the urinary tract, stomach, and colon. Individually, the oil obtained from the rose plant contains geraniol and eugenol known for their antiepileptic properties. Geraniol, in combination with nerol and citronellol, exhibits antibacterial properties against bacteria (Escherichia Coli, B. subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa).
  • Wounds – Did you suffer a wound? Do you want to give it a fragrant finish? Then opt for rose oil. The application of rose oil to cuts and scratches prevents infections.
  • Because of its anti-spasmodic properties, rose oil is used in the treatment of muscle pulls, cramps, and convulsions.

Benefits of Rose Jam (Gulkand)

In India and other Asian countries, you can find Rose Jam or Gulkand. The recipe is made of a combination of honey, rose petals and other healthy ingredients. There are some people who also use almonds and raisins in Rose Jam. It is not without reason, that rose is given the title of “Queen of Flowers.” Some health benefits of Rose Jam are –

  • Used in treatments of mouth ulcers
  • It is used in ancient treatment for reducing menstrual pain
  • It can provide the perfect boost to your appetite and solves digestive problems
  • Rose jam has been found to remove toxins from the blood.
  • Reduces symptoms of stress and promotes relaxation.

Other Benefits

Do you use eye drops to lessen the strain on your eyes? Then, they have compounds prepared from rose petals because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

If you want a spiritual connection, rose petals are used in prayers. Rose garlands are also made used to pay obeisance to the Supreme Power.


There may be many benefits of rose oil, and only the important facts have been written in this article. Does that mean the rose flower plant does not have any negative aspects? It does. Ancient medical texts advise the use of giving rose water for eliminating headaches. The medicine should be used only in minimum doses. If used more, it can enhance the pain.

Medical practitioners also advise the use of rose oil for pregnant women. There may be chances of a miscarriage. It is always necessary to seek the opinion of a physician before trying the DIY or home remedy method.

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