Sciatica – Symptoms and treatment



The sciatica disease is quite common across people of different ethnic and educational backgrounds. It has primarily to do with acute or even chronic pain on the sciatic nerve that passes through your legs. The specific shoes for sciatica relief can give you solution to prevent pain.

Most of the time, the kind of shoes that you prefer to wear may improve or worsen the situation. It has been shown that when you are opting out for sneakers you are taking the pressure away from your footbed. This helps you to feel better at once.

What exactly is the sciatica problem?

Sciatica problem is an inflammation caused by pressure to the route of the sciatic nerve through the legs. The sciatic nerves (one for each leg) are deriving from the lumbar vertebrae and sometimes they are pressed in that level due to herniated disks.

This is the most common cause of the sciatica problem that starts with loss of feeling when touching things and goes on taking away the motor function of the feet. There are ways to make things better by choosing the right shoes for your special occasion.

The painful syndromes are triggered every time you move, and you must be careful and wear only adequate shoes. The right footwear can protect you from unnecessary pain and distress situations, which are common in sciatica disease.

Features of good shoes for sciatica pain

There are many things that you should be aware of when purchasing shoes for sciatica pain. Most of the major brands have already presented shoes that make you feel a lot better through your busy day.

Some of the best features that your sciatica shoes should contain are:

·Extra cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas: This is where the pressure from the road is exerted. The cushioning can absorb a lot of these adverse powers and give you a sense of relaxation when wearing the shoes.

·Softer upper mesh and tongue: This part of the shoes is crucial since it comes in direct touch to your foot arches. All this embracement may lead to increased pain while you are walking or training and could worsen the sciatica pain. Modern shoes have flexible upper mesh and tongue to make your feet feel a lot better.

·Steady and durable outsole: It is a golden point for the best sciatica shoes. The outsole needs to be durable enough to withstand the pressures from the road. Flexibility is needed to some point so that your sciatic nerve isn’t getting pressurized. The existence of certain lugs on the outsole can also give you more stability and better grip which in turn improves your sciatica issues.

·Breathability: This is the most wanted feature for persons that suffer from sciatica. Since the sciatic nerve is overreacting, it produces more sweating to the inner feet. The right sciatica shoes are having more tiny holes on the external part of the shoes to let the airflow pass through and make it easier for you to wear them for prolonged periods of time.

·Forefoot area: The most successful sciatica shoes are always having a larger and roomy forefoot area. Since the sciatic nerves are ending on the toe fingers, the more room you give them to move the better for easing your pain. That is why shoes with flexible and roomy forefoot areas are the best to ease the symptoms and painful syndromes of sciatica.


The shoes for sciatica should give you the chance to relieve the pain from your feet. There is nothing more important to have the best shoes for your situation that may also aggravate your hip and back area without proper ways to find the solution. Most of the times people are undergoing a back surgery so that the nerve endings close to your vertebrae are getting loosened and stop sending you more pain signals to your brain.

Make sure you are always picking the right shoes for sciatica which is a disease that can affect all parts of the population. You are the one responsible for your health and you need to always deal with the best possible solutions should you want to get rid of the painful situation you are getting into.

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