The Best Tips For Staying Happy & Healthy As You Get Older


The Best Tips For Staying Happy & Healthy As You Get Older

Feeling your best and staying healthy is important no matter how old you are, and now that you have a couple of more grey hairs that don’t change.  As we continue to grow older there are many major life changes that we experience, including physical changes, losing loved ones, children leave home, as well as retirement and career changes.  How we grow and handle all of these changes is absolutely key to being able to stay healthy. The following tips from Assisting Hands Home Care can help you maintain your emotional and physical health so that no matter how old you are, you can live your life to the absolute fullest.

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Find and follow your formula for remaining healthy as you age.  It can be difficult to cope with change, no matter what your age is. For older adults, the particular challenge is just the sheer number of transitions and changes that begin to occur – which include children moving away from home, losing friends, parents and other loved ones, changes to your career or it is ending, declining health, or losing one’s independence. Feeling those losses is only natural.  However, if you balance your sense of loss with positive factors, then you will have an effective formula to help you stay healthy as you grow older. The following are tips to help you age well:

Tip 1: Cope with change


As you grow older, there will time of both stress and joy. It is very important that you build your resilience up and find healthy ways for coping with all of the challenges. Being able to do that will help you keep things in perspective whenever times are tough and help you get the most from the good times.  Stay focused on things you can be grateful for. You lose more the longer you live. However, as you lose things and people, life becomes that more precious. Once you stop taking so much for granted, you will be able to enjoy and appreciate what you have that much more.

Tip 2: Find joy and meaning

One key to healthy aging is to continue to be able to find joy and meaning in life.  As you continue to age, your life continues to change, and you lose things gradually that occupied your time in the past and gave your life meaning and purpose. For example, you could change jobs, or retire from a long career eventually, your children might leave home, or family members and friends might move far away from you.  However, you need to continue moving forward. You can have many new exciting adventures later in life if you allow it. If you don’t know where to begin, try out some of the following:

  1. Enjoy the arts
  2. Travel to someplace new
  3. Join a sports team, or club or take a class
  4. Get involved in the local community
  5. Learn something new
  6. Play with your pet, nephews, nieces, or grandchildren
  7. Try out a new hobby or pick up on one that you have neglected for a while

Tip 3: Stay connected


It is very important that you find ways to connect with others, whether you live with a partner or spouse or not. Staying social, along with exercising on a regular basis, can have a significant impact on your health as you continue to grow older.  Having a number of individuals who you can turn to for support and company as you age provides you with a buffer against loss, hardship, disability, depression, and loneliness.  Fortunately, there are many ways to be around other people. As long as you are able to get out of the house and do some socializing, it really doesn’t matter what you end up doing:

– Find a support group when you are undergoing change

– Volunteer

– Spend time with one person at least every day

– Try to make new friends

– Connect on a regular basis with family and friends

Tip 4: Get active and provide your vitality with a boost

Don’t fall for that myth that you automatically won’t feel good any longer as you grow older.  Although it is true that physical changes are involved with aging, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean disability and discomfort.  Although not all pain and illness can be avoided, many physical challenges that are associated with aging may be mitigated significantly or overcome by taking good care of yourself, eating right, and exercising.

– Sleeping well

– Eating well

– Exercising

Tip 5: Keep your mind sharp and alert


There are numerous good reasons to keep your brain as active as you do your body.  Maintaining creativity, making sure your brain stays active, and exercise, can all help to prevent memory problems and cognitive decline.  The more social and active you are and the more that you sharpen and use your brain, the more that you will benefit from it. That is particularly true if you are retired or are no longer challenged by your career.

– Read books

– Take on a subject that is completely new to you

– Work on something new every day

– Try out variations of things you know already

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