The Consequences of Substance Abuse in the Workplace


Many people use drugs and drink alcohol despite having a decent jobs. Even if they are careful initially, it doesn’t take long for the substance abuse to seep into their everyday life. People also begin substance abuse under a general misconception. They believe not every substance is harmful, and in moderation, you can take the edge off. But, even if you’re careful about usage, addiction can still creep on you.

The effects of substance abuse are visible in the workplace. Employees who abuse drugs on the job can even cost their workplace millions of dollars to remedy their errors. These employees can cause a full company to enter the brink of bankruptcy. In addition, they can also disrupt the routine of other employees in the workplace.

Here’s how substance abuse holds severe consequences in a workplace:

1. You Become Absent Frequently

Workplaces allow sick leaves but not more than necessary. You may get absent once or twice without notice, but prolonged absence means disaster. Companies work on a timeline. Each employee has a specific task to perform. If you don’t finish your share of the work, other employees need to take over. If other employees take over, that means the timeline gets pushed back. For you, it would mean a warning letter and soon a termination notice.

2. Your Hygiene Takes A Hit

If you start feeling the effects of substance abuse, you need help. Your physical appearance is a significant indicator. So to avoid falling off the ladder, even further check into rehab. Institutes such as the Delphi Behavioral Health Group are in place to remedy your behavior. These institutes can help you see where your health is staggering. It looks terrible when you show up to work in sloppy attire with bad hair and a messy face. Your company wouldn’t want you representing them when you look like a mess. You may get multiple warnings and even disciplinary action. If the issue persists, you may get fired. For any company, the way you appear in front of them matters.

3. A Company Faces Loss

Firing an employee means looking for a replacement. For the time being, the work gets shuffled. Companies also can’t push employees to put in too much overtime, so they’re at a loss. The company needs to go through finding a suitable replacement and begin the process of hiring. That also includes training and preparing the new employee for work. These factors cost money. For any company using too much cash spells trouble. So not only did you cost your company money, they may come after you for the problem you put them through. If the company gets credible proof that you disrupted the system through substances, they can hold you legally accountable.  So you may also be looking at a massive cost heading your way.

4. You May Make Your Co-workers Like You

If you indulge in alcohol usage, there is a chance you may sneak in some to work. It is not unusual for co-workers to gravitate towards free liquor or drugs. What can start as a one-day drink fest can quickly become a problem. Your co-workers may start adapting your habits and have a weak work ethic for any bad company. They can’t have drunk and high workers coming to the office. They also can’t fire everyone on the spot. So, what may happen is a mass-scale disciplinary action that translates into a loss in time and money. You may get a severe paycheque cut. If your co-workers indulge in substances provided by you, they may throw you under the bus to get away. No one will want to share the burden of the blame knowing you initiated the process. So while you may think you’re making friends by sharing substances, you’re only wasting your time and theirs.

5. You Lose Focus

While you’re abusing substances at work, you lose focus. The use of alcohol and drugs impairs your capacity to concentrate. Documents are technical. They need your attention to get effectively evaluated. You may end up turning in false documents with tremendous errors. No one has the time to shit through and fix your mistakes. You can cost a company valuable customers and even more money fixing your errors. You can end up getting drunk during a meeting and cause a scene. The workplace culture has no patience for discrepancies. If your job is highly technical, say you’re a lawyer. You can get disbarred for showing up drunk and storing substances in your drawers. So don’t assume you’re only taking the edge off with a simple drink. You’re also sending yourself down a deep addiction route.

6. You Can Start Selling To Other Employees

There is also a chance to enjoy a drink with your co-workers. You start selling to them instead. You may begin an illegal chain of drugs and alcohol in your workplace. Not only are you taking away people’s attention from work, but you’re also disrupting the company environment. You can risk going to jail, overselling, and harboring illicit substances at work. It is a significant criminal offense, and you may get charged with more than one felony. Every company has a solid moral and ethical code. You violate the first code when you bring substances with you and the second code when you begin selling them. If you think that disciplinary action can wash away, think again. Companies have the capacity and power to ensure that you may have trouble seeking employment again.

7. Constant Hangovers

If you are working under the influence, you will face numerous hangovers. That means you will have constant headaches and a lack of efficiency at work. You may even get nauseous or throw up due to your body’s resistance to substances. You may not even get sick leaves because constant hangovers mean you’re constantly ill. So, instead of accommodating you, a company may fire you instead. The HR department is also not ignorant of your state. They can quickly put two and two together and figure out what you’re going through. There is also a chance under the influence that you can start assaults or sexually harass a coworker.

8. You May Start Stealing

Substances cost tremendous money. If you’re chasing after the finest products, then you will need to pay a heavy price. Your paycheque may not be enough. You might start stealing from your company and using whatever you can find to get substances. Stealing can include expensive ornaments that your company keeps and selling it ahead. Pickpocketing your co-workers or even selling ahead items on your desk. You can’t hide stealing for long. Once you get caught, you’ll face severe consequences at work.

Wrap Up

Substances can seep into your life. You may start living a life where you can’t live without them. That means while you show up to work, you may sneak them in. Substances have no place at your company. You may start indulging more instead of focusing on work. You may even get your co-workers on board with you. Companies are all about positive outcomes. If they see nothing but discrepancies, they will hold you accountable. You may be looking at jail time and even lawsuits. Under the influence of drugs, you can’t work. You can start drunken brawls and even turn in the wrong work. The overall picture of you abusing substances and going to work is not pretty. Should you need help especially for drugs like opioids, there is an online suboxone clinic willing to aid you with comprehensive treatments at the comfort of your own home.

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