Why Massage Is Good for Sore Muscles?


Relaxation and comfort are the most desirable factor for everyone. Everyone wishes to remain relaxed and mentally satisfied. For that reason, they do certain exercises and other activities to achieve their desired calmness and happiness. Similarly, you have heard the name of massage therapy which is the most effective technique that gives you relaxation, health, fitness, and activeness. Massage is the practice of rubbing your body using your hands and applying pressure on your stiff and painful joints to ease pain and discomfort.

People take different massage therapies as they are aware of the benefits of massage therapies. A healthy and effective massage can provide you with strength, and fitness and increase your flexibility. A Full Body Massage can help you in many other medical conditions like injuries, muscle stiffness, chronic pains, dislocations, and rapid recovery from injuries. So, we will discuss some types of massage therapies as well as how these therapies can help you with your sore muscles and chronic pain?

Types Of Massage Therapies?

There are different types of massage therapies that can help you in many ways which are:

Swedish Massage:

This is the most common massage technique and is effective for those who are new to massage or have touch sensitivity. You can experience Swedish massage if you desire a gentle touch or are new to massage. This can help you to ease relaxation and satisfaction both mentally and physically. During full body massage, your massage therapist will massage your body gently which will help you to release your muscle knots. Your therapist will apply pressure on your stiffed joints and sore muscles with a deep circular motion and long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart. Furthermore, this will improve your blood circulation throughout your body. Furthermore, Swedish massage generally ends between 60 to 90 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage:

This is an effective type of massage that can help you with your sore muscles and tension. This can relieve your muscle pain, stiffness, and many other health-related issues. In this massage therapy, your therapist will hold hot stones and massage certain body points to ease your pain and tension. This will also help to relieve your muscle pain, improve blood flow and alleviate long-term pain as well. Hot stone massage St George will promote your relaxation and release your stress and anxiety. Usually, a hot stone massage will end in 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy is especially useful for those who want to have full-body relaxation as well as an emotional healing component in their massage therapy. This can help you to boost your mood, lower your stress hormones and release your stress and anxiety. During aromatherapy, your therapist will choose an essential oil and apply gentle and soft pressure on your whole body. But you can ask for your desired oil for massage if you have any preferences. This will help you to reduce your stress and anxiety and also release your muscle tension. You will inhale these essential oils through a diffuser or absorb them through your skin. 

Moreover, aromatherapy will only focus on your back, shoulders, and head. This will last in around 60 to 90 minutes. On the other hand, these essential oils are being diluted before applied to your skin.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage is the most effective technique to relieve your muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness. This can help you relieve your muscle injuries, tightness, and imbalance. During this massage, your therapist will apply deep pressure with your fingers to relieve your pain from the deepest layer of your muscles. This massage is also helpful in your chronic pain and muscles tightness.

This massage generally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. You may experience more pressure than Swedish massage in this therapy.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is effective and helpful for those who often play sports as a profession and are more likely to experience injuries. This massage can help you in your pre and post-sports as it provides you with strength and improves your stamina. This can improve your flexibility so that you can perform better in your games. This massage also helps you to relieve your pain and release muscles tension as well. Sports massage focuses on your specific body parts and provides you with relaxation by eliminating pain and stiffness. Sports massage will also last 60 to 90 minutes.

Parental Massage:

Like other massage techniques, parental massage is also important for pregnant mums as it provides relaxation and comfort. This massage can help mums to release their stress and anxiety and improve their focus as well. This therapy focuses on your lower back, legs, shoulders, and hips as well. Because pregnant ladies experience more pressure on these specific points parental massage can help them to get relaxed. It can also improve blood flow, the immune system, better sleep routines, and also prepare the body for delivery.

It is recommended to ask or consult with your doctor before availing of this massage therapy. This can also improve your blood flow and reduce swelling from your muscles, feet, hands and relieve pain as well.

Thai Massage:

Thai massage involves stretching into different positions as it provides flexibility to your muscles and joints. This is the best possible massage for those who want to enjoy a more active form of massage therapy. Thai massage can help you to improve your flexibility and reduce your pain and muscles stiffness. This will also improve your blood circulation and boost your energy level. Your therapist will apply firm pressure on the different parts of the body by using the palms and hands. The therapist will also stretch your body and twist it into various positions.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy:

Full Body Massage can help you in numerous conditions and have several benefits which include:

  • It reduces your stress and anxiety and keeps you active and healthy.
  • Improve your immune system and better your blood circulation.
  • Reduce muscle soreness, chronic pain, and injury pain.
  • Improve your muscle’s flexibility and keep you physically and mentally fit.
  • Massage therapies will lower your stress hormones and keep you satisfied and energetic.

Furthermore, Meridian Spa has an experienced and certified therapist who knows the exact and effective treatment depending on your conditions.