Why Men Are At Risk of Early Death and Other Things


Have you asked yourself why most men die before they turn the age of 65? Here is a detailed explanation. It is incredibly shocking to learn that among five men, one dies before they turn 65 years. The primary reason is that men are proactive, unlike women, regarding their health. BLS CPR certification online will better prepare you to handle men during emergencies.

What men should know is that when the illness gets spotted at an early stage, treatment becomes straightforward and the result is positive. BLS CPR certification online will come handy to assist male victims who persistently neglect their health, ignoring the symptoms, which makes them weak and sometimes even unconscious if the condition is severe. Going for medical checkups more often will make men aware of the health status when they have issues to be addressed by a doctor. Men’s health needs to get a lot more publicity worldwide than it does now.

Mental Suffering

Suicide has occurred three times more in men than in women. Surprisingly, men are affected by phrases such as ‘grow a pair,’ ‘man up.’ This type of language has brought up the feeling of being ‘unmanly’ in men. We only hope that through worldwide publicity campaigns, the society will own the issue and advise men to seek medical attention early.

Physical or Body Health

A contributing factor towards the death of many men before the age of 65 is inappropriate lifestyles. Drinking alcohol, gaining excess weight, smoking, and unhealthy foods are among the factors which weaken a man’s health and reduce their lifespan.

Factors Increasing the Risk of Death

Overweight Men

The total population of the world consists of 25% obese men, which is 65% of the overall men. It becomes a risk knowing that diseases such as diabetes type 2, heart diseases, and some cancer strains. The body is at risk of getting infected by harsh health conditions like gallstones, asthma, kidney diseases, which affect men with higher body weight.

Smoking Habits

Smoking is rampant for men than women since only 17% of women smoke as compared to 22 % of smoking men. The diseases caused by smoking include cancer, heart diseases, lung infections, and strokes.

Consuming Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a habit that men have conformed to more than their female colleagues. Statistically, the total number of men consists of around 15% who take alcohol, whereas the females are only 10% who consume alcohol. Some people combine hard drugs with liquor, and reported cases are usually those of suicide.

Food and Meals

Fruits are nutritious as well as vegetables. Women eat more of them than men. The aging of men hastens by lack of eating healthy fruits and green vegetables. Per day, men require calories ranging between 2000-2800. What determines calorie intake is body mass, height, and the level of activity of the individual.

Guidelines for Eating Healthy

  • Cereals are the best since they prevent diseases. Men need to eat bread, brown rice, and grains when there is availability
  • Increased fiber food intake every day for a healthy body
  • Avoid eating foods cooked with unsaturated fats
  • Prepare fruits mixed with vegetables and eat them five times a day

Reduce the number of days they eat red meat since it can lead to the risk of suffering from prostate cancer and heart diseases. Encourage them to take healthy foods that are a source of protein that include nuts, beans, and seeds.

Improving the Health of Men

  • Ensure they go for regular mental health checkups
  • Help them quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
  • Physical and mental exercise must be encouraged
  • Maintaining a healthy body mass index among other things

Visiting a doctor earlier is mandatory for men to avoid significant problems when they begin the aging stage.

Getting Checked at Free Medical Checkups

Men should never hesitate to go for a free medical camp. It may save their life and make them live healthy if medical conditions are detected and treated at an early age. All age groups are encouraged to take the initiative of personal health themselves seriously.

Cardiac Arrest and Heart Diseases

Men have a higher chance of suffering from cardiac arrest than women before becoming 70 years of age. The most appropriate treatment is CPR after a cardiac arrest has occurred for approximately 4 minutes, combined with the AED shocks. CPR increases the survival of the victim. A defibrillator can further increase the success rate of survival. First aid education is crucial to every adult.

Contributions That Can Benefit Men Healthwise

Spreading the word and also encouraging every man you know to open up about their health issues

  • Advise them to take care of themselves since there is no shame in doing that
  • Start forums where men can sit down and talk about how they are suffering and get treatment
  • Self-awareness for men is crucial

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