4 Basic Steps to Create a Whole House Color Scheme


When you decide to redecorate your home, it’s completely understandable that you want to change the color scheme and turn it into something fresher and more exciting. After all, if you’re investing in your home, why not go with something that will reflect your character and make you fall in love with your home all over again. In case you want to change the colors of the walls, floors, and furniture, but are set on maintaining some consistency in the process, here is how you can create a whole house color scheme you and everybody else will simply love.

Look Around for Inspiration

Those who don’t really know yet what the prevailing color of their home should be can always start with what they already have. Even if your overall impression of your interior isn’t that great anymore, there are probably things in there that you still like. Also, consider some of the things you’re stuck with. It’s highly unlikely that you have the budget to change everything in your home just so you can change the prevailing colors, so take into account the colors of such elements as the existing furniture, flooring, or countertops and find colors that will function perfectly with those which are already there. If you’re extremely unhappy with what’s inside your home, do some online research and go through various pictures of other people’s homes, save the ones you like and later observe them again. If there’s one color that keeps reoccurring in the photos you like, that’s what you should go for. Even taking a look at the clothes you love wearing might help. Perhaps there’s a color that you wear persistently, and that might be what you want for your home as well. 

Think Globally

Another excellent way to get inspired is to explore the most common color schemes in different countries around the world. For instance, the typical Scandinavian home interior is usually a reflection of the simplicity of their life. The colors there will mostly be neutral, such as grays, whites, and blues, while Indian home interiors will be more vibrant, with plenty of bright yellows, purple, and even pink. On the other hand, Australians are influenced by their surroundings and the breathtaking beauty of their country’s landscapes and nature in general, even in the more urban areas. That’s why some of the most reliable professional painters in North Sydney will advise you to choose one of the soothing shades of the blue skies and the ocean, or different hues of green. However, no matter what color scheme you opt for, it’s essential that your painters are qualified, that they will gladly give you the consultation you need and that can provide you with discounted after-care services, in case you need a touch-up after a while. 

Let the Color Wheel Help You

When deciding on a color scheme, you don’t have to settle for one color only but combine those that look pleasant together and decorate your home in a way that its coherent color-wise. That will leave you with a good flow throughout your whole living space and make your home more welcoming. The ideal tool to visually present if and how well different colors work together is certainly the color wheel. First of all, it makes the distinction between warm and cool colors, so that you can see clearly which ones you prefer. The neighboring colors on the wheel are analogous, and when combined, they can create a harmonious and calming atmosphere in your home. Those colors that are opposite of one another are complementary, and using those can make for a more dramatic color scheme. And if neither analogous or complementary colors are what you want, you can always pick a monochromatic scheme. This means that you choose one color and use different hues of it around your home. With the use of the color wheel, you’ll find it easier to achieve the desired mood in separate rooms and in your entire home, depending on which colors you combine and how.

Play with How You Use Colors 

Just because you want the same colors around your home, you definitely don’t have to do it by merely painting all the walls in that color and being done with it, especially if that’s something you consider monotonous. Actually, there is more than one way of adding colors to your home, and using the same colors in different ways gives you the chance to be playful with your living space décor. For instance, if you choose a neutral color for your walls and introduce one or a few furniture pieces in a bolder color in one room, you can paint a whole wall in that same bold color in the next room, while getting neutral-color furniture there. Perhaps the tiles on your bathroom floor can be the same or similar hue as the walls of the hallway, or your kitchen cabinets can match the color of the sofa in your living room. This makes the space more interesting and dynamic and can look amazingly attractive since you’ll be able to see the flow from one room to another clearly.

Defining a color scheme for your home can help you bring parts of it together. Even if each of your rooms was decorated in a different style, matching colors will connect all of them and give a cohesive feel to your living space. With these smart steps, your home will have the appeal you’ve been longing for in no time.

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