5 Best Glass Materials For Sliding Glass Showers Door Of Your Bathroom


The emergence of glass sliding shower doors has brought about an ideal change to bathrooms. This set of doors helps for better privacy compared to the older shower system (shower curtain). Having a spa and steam bath requires homeowners to begin purchasing these sets of doors for a better and more well-relaxed bath. With these sliding glass shower doors bath has been more secured and free from water spilling all over.

Types Of Glass Shower Sliding Doors

These glass sliding doors are of different types. All three as mentioned below can help in having a spa and steam bath.  They are as follows:

  • Framed sliding glass shower doors
  • Frameless sliding glass shower doors
  • Semi frameless sliding glass shower doors
  • Framed Sliding Glass Shower Doors
Framed Sliding Glass Shower Doors

The framed sliding glass shower door is the type that has a frame or border around the glass. They are not easily cleaned because of the frames. Framed sliding glass doors come in diverse colour and style that matches any home design.  They are the most common types of door panel used in shower enclosures. This sliding door just like the others prevents water from spilling out when having a spa and steam bath.

  • Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower door is the best pick when looking out for long lasting, elegance, and luxury. Frameless doors use brackets, door hinges and silicone to hold the glass shower. These glass doors come with plenty of features that will keep your eyes dropping for a long period. Frameless sliding glass doors come with a forever experience when having a spa and steam bath. Some examples of these best frameless sliding glass doors are Metro sliding glass shower doors, Bypass sliding glass shower doors etc.

  • Semi-Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors

This sliding glass shower door is called semi-frameless because it has metal on the structure of the shower but on the door itself, there isn’t a metal. They are easily cleaned just like the frameless types. It comes in different style, shape and size.

Glass Materials For Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are made of glass materials that help to give it a desired and fine look. These materials put together with help to make a wonderful piece that will make you always want to have an upgraded interior every six months.  Materials used in making sliding are much but we shall be taking a look at the 5 best glass materials.

In our homes, we value our bathrooms a lot. That’s probably because it’s one of the most important places in the house and also one which we need to be most conscious about. While some people might prefer to have a regular shower with a shower curtain, others prefer something a bit more sophisticated; shower doors.

A glass shower door does wonders to your bathroom and makes it look more incredible than it previously was. Unlike what most people think that these bathroom doors are only reserved for those with big bathrooms, they can be fitted to fit any size of a bathroom. However, they aren’t all made from one type of glass. Let’s look at the variety currently at the market:

Standard Clear Tempered Glass

If you are thinking of only getting the base option for the shower glass, then this one is perfect for you. Standard tempered glass is durable and sturdy. What’s more, it’s clear thus allowing light to flow generously inside the shower. Due to the tempered nature, the glass doesn’t break into a million pieces when shattered.

Acid Etched Glass

If you don’t want a completely transparent shower door, you can go with the acid-etched option which is just as lovely but provides a level of privacy. When there is someone in the shower, you won’t see them; you’ll see a silhouette only which is perfect for some people. Manufacturers use individual tactics to blur out the glass but still maintain its smooth nature.

Textured Glass

If you want something a bit more eye-catching and decorative, then this is the correct type of glass for you. This is basically a normal piece of glass that’s been decorated with patterns of various colours. When in use in the shower, you can’t really see the person inside, but you can see how the water dances of their bodies to create some dazzling visual effects.

What’s more, there are plenty of choices available depending on style. This glass will ensure your privacy in the shower and also won’t leave any watermarks or fingerprints.

In The Conclusion

Whether framed frameless or semi-frameless, sliding doors have proved to make homeowners’ bathrooms look more delight-able, attractive, stylized and modern, this is because all of the three categories are made of quality materials. With their unique designs, all three are great but the frameless sliding door is best because it is easily maintained.

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