Adding Oriental Interior Decor into Modern Living Spaces for an Exotic Vibe


Are you looking for a way to freshen up your interiors but at the same time don’t feel like spending much? Going for a full remodel is nice from time to time, but sometimes just switching your home decor can do wonders. Implementing oriental interior decor is a rising trend that is slowly seeping into many contemporary homes. The serenity and balance it introduces into living spaces and the minimalistic look it promotes are surely two deciding factors for many homeowners that decide to implement Oriental decor into their homes. If you’re interested in trying the trend yourself, read on to get inspired.

Take a minimalistic approach when decorating your home

minimalistic approach when decorating your home

Decluttering your living space is crucial for creating Asian-themed spaces. A minimalistic approach to decorating is characteristic for Japanese homes – they put an emphasis on clear, clutter-free spaces to create an illusion of spaciousness. Marie Kondo, a Japanese author and organizing consultant, explains in her book how important it is to have a home that is free of mess and excessive items.

She emphasizes the importance of living mindfully, and that’s exactly what you need to have in mind when sprucing up your contemporary home with Oriental decor. Keeping things simple and minimal is the key to designing an Asian-themed interior.

Add small yet effective decor pieces

effective decor pieces

In order to successfully decorate a space with Oriental accessories, you need to think strategically. Not every corner of your room needs to be decorated with exotic accessories. When it comes to Asian-themed interiors, less is more, and small decor pieces are often the ones that make the deepest impression.

Use subtle hints of Oriental influence throughout your room to make it more appealing. Consider adding decorative chinoiserie cushions to achieve an exotic look – hand-painted with traditional Chinese motifs, they will infuse your living space with a touch of the Orient while being a subtle, yet effective addition to a modern home.

Introduce balance using colors and textures

balance using colors and textures

Balance is the key to designing spaces that showcase the influence of the East. Oriental interiors are usually designed using a simple color scheme that usually consists of white, beige, and brown. The reason why neutrals are so popular in Asian interiors is that these colors can be found in nature. Therefore, they add an organic feel to the room they’re used in, infusing the space with harmony and peace. Another way to introduce balance into your living space is by combining different materials. Wooden floors, glass partitions, and decor made from natural stone are great ways to add texture to your space and make your room visually appealing.

Use vibrant colors and patterns throughout your living space

vibrant colors and patterns throughout your living space

Colors play an important role in Eastern cultures. Although many of them use neutral color schemes for their interiors, they tend to introduce one or two strong colors to make their living space look more vibrant. Red is one of the colors that is often used in Chinese culture. More of a symbol than actual color, red is used with confidence, as a way of making a statement.

It symbolizes power, passion, and vitality, and this vivacious color is often used in Asian interiors to evoke strong emotions. Patterns are another important element for many Eastern cultures. Exotic patterns found on Oriental objects and decor often depict nature, flowers, and animals and carry a deeper meaning. Consider implementing oriental rugs, pillows, and vases to add a touch of the Orient to your living space and make it more appealing.

Add plants to create an exotic chic interior

Add plants to create an exotic chic interior

Complete the look of your Asian-themed living space by introducing some greenery. Other than elevating the look of your home, plants are natural air-purifiers – they absorb harmful and toxic pollutants from the air and use it to produce oxygen. Plants are such a chic and functional addition for your living space, and the best thing about them is – you don’t even have to have a green thumb to grow them. There are many low-maintenance houseplants that don’t require much attention, yet provide your interior with an organic feel.

As you can see, decorating a home with an Asian theme in mind doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Use the tips above to create an aesthetically pleasing home with Oriental vibe to it.

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