Custom Made Tables: Know About Their Diverse Types


Custom-made appliances or furniture have their own specific place in the houses. House owners often prefer to use custom-made things which can reflect their style and taste. Just like all things custom-made, custom-made tables are specially made to suit your needs and specifications. These items are designed to fit perfectly in your apartment or bungalow depending on the space available. The choice of materials and design style is strictly based on your preferences and desire. These are suitable for themed decor so that all the items complement each other well and create an inviting atmosphere in the house.

5 types of custom-made table designs with added utility

If you are confused regarding the type of custom-made tables following points can guide you in this regard:

1. The versatile Mid-century style:

Furniture built in the mid-1900s is referred to as Mid-century style furniture. Tables of this style are usually characterized by their honey-stained natural wood or engineered plywood and low profile. Custom-made tables that are modern, as well as ones which are from the older times,  are equally popular in this style. The clean natural lines and use of engineered and organic ingredients make these pieces versatile, good-looking and very comfortable. As a result, this style is popular even today after the passage of so many years. Iconic designs such as the Eames Lounge Chair, the Wood Chair, and the Tulip Table are part of this design.

2. The minimalistic Scandinavian design:

Scandinavian style differs from the mid-century modern style in that it uses light hues and shades of white and grey. However, just like the Mid-century style, Scandinavian design is also based on minimalism and it uses clean lines. Custom-made tables of this style are made using metal or engineered wood and hand-painted in very light colors or stained. A clean and light-colored wooden texture is preferred to exceptionally plush textiles or carpets.

3. The unique fitting Farmhouse style:

The Farmhouse design of custom-made tables is characterized by the unique fitting of the parts of the table. Nowadays farmhouse tables are made up of weathered and heavy wood. Centerpieces, antique trunks, and dressers that develop as accent tables are popular in the farmhouse design. It is based on delicate details by the carpenter like elaborate molding and over-the-door structural beams. The designs are mostly based on the Italian and French countryside greenery. The colors used are generally stucco and lavender.

4. Shabby-Chic design with a feminine touch:

Similar to the Farmhouse, the Shabby-Chic design uses a lighter material of wood. In this style, the pleasantly old and somewhat discordant pieces are brought together to create custom-made tables of this style. They are made in variations of white or very light hues. The pieces are sometimes given a finishing touch in a shade of white, pastel or ecru. The design is more feminine in the sense that it has a ‘Flea Market chic’ style. Rachel Ashwell brought this design to popularity during the 1980s. Coffee tables made up of recycled couches are common in this style.

5. Industrial style to add an antique value:

add an antique value

The industrial design is especially suitable for apartments where exposed brick walls and exposed beams cannot be put up. The look can be achieved by installing an industrial table made up of wood and metal. The Industrial design of custom-made tables is made using materials that were common around the turn of the century. This includes exposed steel or any other metal, notably exposed break and distressed wood in a natural stain. The tables come in pretty designs and have a certain antique value because of their appearance. A well-made industrial table can be a great addition to the house and appear like a real work of art.

The aforementioned styles are extremely popular among furniture and enthusiasts. If you too are someone who put in a lot of effort, time and money into searching for the perfect custom-made table for the household these are the styles to suit your taste. These items are also available online and delivered directly to your doorstep.

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