How to Create a Fun Backyard for the Whole Family


Having a family is a life-changing experience. Your priorities and responsibilities change overnight, and so will the rest of your life. The same applies to home life. Your old bachelor pad won’t simply do when you have kids playing around all the time. If you have a family — or are planning to have one soon — then it’s high time to change some things up at home.

Read on to learn more about how to create a fun backyard for the entire family!

Have Your Own Backyard Beach

You don’t always need to go on trips and spend a lot of money just to have fun as a family. You can have your own beach fun right in your backyard! This project can be done easily over the weekend. You can even have your kids help out.

Create your very own beach and oasis by adding some stacking stones in the area around your fire pit. Add some seagrass in the area, too. Now all you need is to pull up your beach chairs, sit back, and enjoy a simple barbecue or marshmallow roasting session while exchanging fun stories.

Create a Tree House for the Kids (and Kids at Heart)

A treetop fortress is an all-time classic, and sadly, families today aren’t into these kinds of family projects as they used to be back in the day. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it and enjoy it with the kids. However, you need to be forewarned: this project will require some serious dedication, hours, and effort. Expert DIYers will agree, and it will often take more than a few weekends to pull it off.

However, if your heart is in the right place, nothing is impossible. It’s a great hideaway for the kids (and yourself, let’s be honest) to play games and even have sleepovers with friends. Make sure you follow safety checks and precautions to avoid any accidents. When in doubt, this job is best left to professionals, who can install a treehouse in no time.

Enjoy Outdoor Movie Nights as a Family

Another old-timey tradition that we need to bring back. Back in the days, before we got lost in technology and had our faces glued to smartphones, tablets, and computers, people who liked each other spent time outdoors and sat on the grass or in their cars and had outdoor movie nights, where they saw their favorite films projected on a huge screen. You can do this in the comfort of your own backyard, too.

Simply paint a screen on one side of your home or garage. If you don’t want to permanently paint your property, you can purchase a big screen designed for outdoor use. That’s it – simply set up the projector and play your chosen film. The kids will love being involved. Ask them what movie they want to see, have them set the chairs in place — or blankets, if you are having a picnic.

Get that popcorn hot and ready, and turn your phones off for some good old-fashioned quality time with the family. You can do the same with your friends and neighbors, too!

This can be quite hard if your lawn area is limited, though. So make sure to remove any clutter in your backyard. This can be litter or unuseful furniture. Or perhaps, some tree stumps that are in the way. You can get rid of stumps on your own and free up very valuable lawn space. Do this by going to a respected stump grinder supplier and getting your own small stump grinder. Practice safety measures before starting.

Outdoor Tiki Bars

This one might be for the older members of the family, as well as friends. Every adult has, at some point, dreamt of having their own bar in their backyard. Have you seen Cocktail the movie? That’s all we’re saying!

You can go nuts with your creativity with this one. You can break the bank with a modern and sophisticated bar, but you can also create your own. Do you have a reclaimed wood bar top? Then this is the right time to utilize it. If you don’t have one, simply create your own. Simply pour some concrete into a mold or use a huge natural stone, and you are all set. You can match your home’s current decorative theme, or go all the way and have eccentrically different. You can treat it, then, as a nice escape from daily life — all you gotta do is go outdoors in your backyard and enjoy a few drinks!

These are only some of the many DIY projects that you can do to improve the “fun” factor of your home and backyard. Try some of these out and your family will thank you for doing so. You can even include them and have them help you carry these out!

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