How to Lighten a Dark Room with No Natural Light


Room decoration is challenging but the biggest challenge is to decorate a room which has no natural light. The reason may vary from home to home but the symptoms are the same and that results of a dark room. Nothing to worry about with some simple techniques and changes you can transform darkness into brightness and that will bring to your home pleasure and joy.

The most possible reason for the darkroom may be because of a windowless room or maybe the room is covered by a neighbor’s wall. So people who use these rooms are deprived of the natural light of the sun.  However, there are ways in which will build the atmosphere of the rooms without the windows more lovely. In such the simplest way that the user has the sense of getting the rooms lit by natural light. Let’s take a look at the steps to lighten a dark room with no natural light.

1. Choose Bright Color:

Selecting a color for the room can be the most important. However, if your room doesn’t get natural light, choosing the proper color is doubtless the most important choice for dimly lit rooms. As a result of the selection of inappropriate colors will change the faces of the rooms. Therefore when choosing a color for your room, think about the room conditions.

Keep in mind that bright, shiny and semi-warm colors have the most attainable reflection. Such colors will be terribly appropriate for windows without windows. The problem with using the brilliant color is to show the imperfections to the wall better.

Therefore, before painting the windows without a window, try to properly construct it so it doesn’t seem after painting the defects of the wall. Wherever it is not potential to alter the shape of the wall, the use of bright shiny and semi-warm colors, along with bright furniture, is extremely helpful and can be exciting, yet attractive.

2. Use Bright Furniture

Possibly the walls are the only factor to think about so as to clarify the interior. However, the things that are within the windowless rooms can also build a giant distinction. For instance, once you use pastel sofas, as a result of the color of the reflection is quite different colors, it will provide a beautiful effect to your windowless room.

Glasses, dark marble rocks, polished niche, and transparent acrylics, and even a brown table will provide an effect to a room and feel the air flowing within the room, however as dark as possible in dimly lit rooms.

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3. Use of Large mirrors:

One of the oldest but successful tricks to change the dark rooms is to use huge mirrors. Using a large mirror within rooms that have a small compartment can revitalize the good sense of the room. A large mirror, due to its light reflection, evokes the sense of an artificial window.

Once the reflection of the ambient light comes out of the mirror, it looks as if the sun is going to your room from within. Try to position the mirror somewhere within the room to feel the window feeling. Maybe the middle of the room is the best place to place the mirror and it will be effective to lighten a dark room with no natural light.

4. Use of Artificial Light:

Artificial lighting is significant in every room or a house wherever there’s no natural light, it’s even more important. Artificial lights can be used in a variety of shapes lighting fixtures to large and heavy chandeliers, table lamp or a floor lamp.

Lights are applicable at the entrance to the rooms without windows. It provides refined lighting that may spread across the ceiling and distribute light with efficiency. Also, the use of class and room lights, the use of light bulbs next to the furniture or bed, improves the standard of light.

lighten a dark room with no natural light

5. Use of Glass:

Think for a moment, using glass rather than traditional wooden doors, yes, it sounds interesting and the main fact it will be a good decision. Doing this will allow you to pass through the light of other rooms that have a window to your advantage. The glass not only gives you more lights, but you feel like such doors, in a free and open environment. Similarly, you can also use windows, kitchen cabinet and so on. Always try making the thing with open with glass if possible.

6. Single Focal Point:

It is best to use a single focal point in non-windowed rooms, use fewer devices. Fewer devices in such rooms create people feel distracted. You can consider the focal point of your fireplace or heater in such rooms and place different appliances like a couch and even a pot on the edges. Try to build the wall empty to you. It’ll provide you with a new sense.

7. Use of Light Reflecting Frame:

You can use a frame-set that may reflect the light rather than using a large mirror. Try to cover part of the wall as large as a mirror with frames that may reflect the light. When you place many frames together, the reflection of lighting these frames is combined. This can be what you want.

It should be noted that light transmission will provide a certain magnification to the room. You can also extend the use of hanging frames. This may extend the reflection of light and best to lighten a dark room with no natural light. As a result, with this reflection of light, you’ll have a charming and joyful area.

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