Important Things to Know About the Split Air Conditioning Installation


While it’s burning up outside, who doesn’t want to stay cool indoors?  Who doesn’t like to come back and turn on the AC after a hectic sweaty day of work? Well, everyone does. This is why having an AC at home is so important. Having an air condition system installed in your home is almost a necessity in the humid parts of the world. So, if you’re thinking of getting an AC, it’s important is to know what it takes and costs to install an air conditioning system. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most commonly used systems in the world, the Split AC system. We’ll also talk about everything to look out for during a split system installation.

What is the Split Air Conditioner?

A split AC is divided into two parts, the part that is installed inside the room is responsible for distributing the cool air and controlling the temperature. The other part is called the outdoor unit. This is the unit that houses the compressor and coils and actually cools the air.

The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit via piping.

Advantages over Central and Traditional Air Conditioners

  • The split system has a few advantages over the ducted contract air conditioning units. This is more suitable when you’re looking to cool down a small area, say two rooms at most.
  • Split systems are much cheaper than central ac systems. Split systems also consume a lot more power than a split air conditioner. The split system installation is a much simpler process than ducted systems.
  • In fact, the cost of split system installation is much lower than that of central air conditioning systems.
  • There are also clear advantages over the traditional single unit window systems. The first one being, much quieter operation. Due to the outdoor doing the heavy work the indoor unit is silent.
  • Split system installation is also a more flexible process, as it can be mounted on walls with attachments, something you can never do with a window ac.
  • Split system installation is also not as intrusive or time taking as that of a ducted system or window air conditioner. For a window AC, you’re required to cut a hole in your window and are left a big opening when you take the AC down.
  • While installing a ducted AC can be a much more time-consuming job as there is a network of ducts that need to be installed and inspected.
  • You can also upgrade to multi-split systems.
  • Split system air conditioners are attractive than the traditional window ACs.

Things to Consider During Installation

While installing a split system its important to remember the few things:

  • The position of the indoor unit is important. It should be placed above the bed to maximize the cooling potential. Also, the indoor unit should always be installed at a maximum of 10 feet from the floor.
  • This will keep the unit far enough away to be affected by the proximity of the hot ceiling. The additional benefit of this will be that the unit can be accessed easily, for cleaning a servicing.
  • For better positioning, if the indoor unit, it’s also important to keep in mind the shape of the room.
  • Positioning is also very important for the outdoor unit. It should be mounted in an open space with no obstructions that can limit airflow. However, it is important to provide some protection from the elements.
  • Similar to the indoor unit the outdoor unit should also be accessible for service and repairs. The unit should also be installed higher than the indoor unit for greater efficiency.

These are the most important points to consider a split system installation.


If you want a new and energy saving air conditioner then without thinking much just buy a split system air conditioner for your home as it will give you an effective way to regulate the temperature. You should hire a professional technician to install split AC because you should not take any risk regarding your warranty and safety. Nowadays split system AC that available in the market are not expensive than people think.

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