4 Silliest Modular Kitchens Mistakes That People Make


Modular kitchens in the world and in every major city have people coming in and looking at them, choosing their favorites, and instantly getting them fitted in their houses. It’s such an exciting time for kitchens right now, that we’re hardly able to keep up!

But in all this excitement and hurry, people are making some of the silliest mistakes with their modular kitchens. And because this is the most important part of any home, we’d like to point it out so that you don’t make them too!

Here are the top 4 mistakes you might be making while designing your kitchen:

No Work Triangle in Your Kitchen

The kitchen triangle is the first thing that you take care of when you get yourself a new kitchen. It is imperative for your efficiency, given that you’d be spending a lot of time in this space of your house. This famed triangle consists of your kitchen sink, the refrigerator, and the hub or the stove. These are the three things in your kitchen that see most of the action. So, you want there covered by these three on the vertices – making it a triangle of sorts – to have easy access and a completely unobstructed space to be able to work in.

It shouldn’t be too small, or you’ll have people tripping over one another, and you don’t want the distances to be too much for it would only slow your work down. Whatever shape your kitchen layout might be – the work triangle should always be there.

Storage Space – Too Much or Too Less

Kitchens have so much stuff, that it definitely wins the race for having things that might go as long as 10 years or so in age! People like getting new cutlery, new dishes, dinner sets, glasses, pots, and whatnot – but do they ever throw away the old utilities? Not really. Not always. And not just that, you’re going to make food in there, which itself requires a lot of spices, your raw vegetables, pulses, cereals, and the utensils that you’d be currently using, and so on. Where do you keep all these things, if you do not have to design your kitchen to have proper storage?

You must have a spice rack, a well-designed pantry, sturdy cabinets and drawers, a proper place for every appliance that you use, and an extra space for all your old mementos that you’re not ready to throw away just yet! But the worst scenario would be going overboard with storage so you have a lot of empty space in there just getting wasted; or, you could have one of those corner cabinets towards the ceiling that nothing fits into – so they’ll always remain wasted away. Have storage space -but just enough of it; not too much, not too little.

Insufficient Counter Space

You are going to make food in this space, right? So, what is the first thing you’d need? Robust counter space is what we suggest you should get. You don’t have to work on this countertop, but most of you would be keeping one or two of their appliances on there too. So you would be needing a sturdy worktop, probably made from the best quality granite or other strong material and get your kitchen as much horizontal space as you can get. You can even add an extra countertop in the form of an island, which you could use as a breakfast bar as well.

Insufficient Ventilation

Cooking food would mean a lot of different odors present in the room. Especially if yours is not an open kitchen, you’re going to feel a little suffocated and a little too hot in there. Even if it is an open kitchen, everyone sitting in the drawing-room area would be disturbed by the smoke and the odor wafting toward them. So, you always need your kitchen to be properly ventilated. It should have a decent ventilation system to keep your kitchen more hygienic, odor-free, and cleaner, and even help your appliance live longer.

The Bottom Line:

When you’re getting yourself a kitchen, like anything else, we understand that you’d have to see your budget constraints as well. But, a kitchen requires you to get professional help, and have everything in its proper place – because you’re not just going to lie down or relax here; this is going to e a room where you work and work hard.

You’re also going to have a lot of choices design-wise, depending on which city you live – like, kitchens in Ahmedabad are revamping themselves every year, people of Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi are looking at remodeling their kitchens every few years, modular kitchens, and some other cities are also going on a styling spree over the recent times. So, when it comes to kitchens, be personally involved, let your taste show, and get professionals to help you set it up.

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