6 Must Have Tools for any Painting Work

Painting is not an easy job – I noticed it myself when I pained two rooms in my apartment.

And to do the job right – you must have the right tools, otherwise no matter how much you try you are going to get a low-quality result, and probably, have to paint again.

So what do you need to do the perfect painting work?

Here are 5 tools that are simply a must – can’t do the job without them!

1. Taper’s paint

Taping off the room from the start is a must! It will protect your equipment from tape stains
And other unwanted issues.

Measure the desired length of tape and cut it accordingly. Care must be taken to cut the corners to be rounded so that the tape does not peel off earlier than desired. For ceiling and walls, we recommend the ScotchBlue painter’s tape and for glass we recommend the FrogTape. You can find both on any major eCommerce retail site for $5-8.

2. Drop cloth

Dropcloth doesn’t seem necessary at the start, but after you finished your painting job it will save you a lot of time cleaning up.

No matter how careful you do your job, there will always be drips, nothing you can do about it. Cover your furniture and walls using a drop cloth, and in the end of your work dump at the nearest dumpster. Such a simple measure can save you hours of cleaning.

3. Shoes

Painting is not such an easy job – it requires you to send on your feet for a long period of time – may be 7 to 10 hours, and for that reason, you need comfortable shoes that will help support your feet through the job. Having good shoes that are flexible, comfortable and are slip-resistant (sometimes you may work on a wet floor) is simply a must! If you are looking to buy new shoes for painting, you can on footwearjoy.com, which has an amazing list of great shoes for the job.

4. Ladder

Unfortunately, many painters try to stand on chairs or on tables in order to paint the ceiling or high places, but that is not safe and can cause a real injury in case it slides.

To do the job perfectly, you must acquire a ladder and a high-quality one! Your best bet is to go for an aluminum folder ladder, with a minimum height of 3 matters. The ladder must have the option to adjust different heights, so it can be used in different apartments and environments.

5. Extension pole

Yes, you can do the job without using an extension pole, but it will be much harder to achieve the desired result. It’s perfect when you are painting walls, it gives you leverage and much better positioning. You don’t have to use a ladder and you can paint much quickly! Again, it should have different options to adjust the length, easy to use and slip-resistant. With an extension pole, you can simply stand on the floor and paint High surfaces (like celling) very easily!

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