Renovation Tips for Increasing Resale Value of Your Australian Home in 2022


When it comes to selling your home, it’s perfectly logical that you want to increase its value to the maximum, so that you can boost its price and sell it sooner. This is something you need to plan carefully and get help from professionals like A+ Construction & Remodeling, as it takes a certain amount of time and money. With that in mind, here are some smart ways for you to enhance the value of your Australian home in 2022, allowing you to better compete with the competition and attract more buyers.

Investing in your kitchen

What buyers want from a home is comfort and functionality, starting with the kitchen, since it’s the one room that’s used most frequently in most homes. This actually makes your kitchen a priority as far as any renovations are concerned. Although you should aim for a look that caters to the tastes of different people, which would make neutral colors your first choice, you should also know that 2022 kitchen trends dictate splashes of bolder colors. These should be combined with minimalism, clean lines and tidy spaces.

Islands are also something buyers will be strongly attracted to, so consider installing one, if you haven’t already. Natural materials are the go-to solution for appealing to the modern homebuyer, while cabinet knobs are now a thing of the past and are often considered a nuisance, drawing the attention to themselves, rather than to the cabinets. However, before you renovate your kitchen, make sure you assess the value of your home. You want to avoid investing in a high-end kitchen and not being able to redeem as much of the investment as you expect or hope to.

Promoting multifunctionality

One thing that the coronavirus situation has imposed on us is multifunctionality. Nowadays, people are in need of rooms that are a blend between living space and a workspace. This may be a requirement for some, but others can perceive it as a trend that can seal the deal for you. In any case, your home can definitely benefit from this type of change, so perhaps you should look for professionals with new and innovative ideas to optimize your home. Start with contacting experts, so as to get the highest quality home renovations in Australia.

Maybe you’ll want to turn several smaller rooms into one, relying on an open-space concept to create a less claustrophobic space when having to stay in. After all, bigger-sized rooms are more easily adjusted to serve more than one purpose. You’ll also want to hire professionals if you want somebody to do an extension or an addition to your home, or if you want to renovate your deck and outdoor area to make them more appealing and more multifunctional, so that, in case of another lockdown, staying at home for days and weeks at a time becomes more acceptable and cozier to prospect buyers.

Bringing the outdoors in

Being home-bound during the pandemics has made people around the globe, Australia included, more aware of how much they actually enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Add to this the general growth in ecological consciousness and it’s no wonder that people have been interested in buying a home with as many natural elements as possible. This is why, if you’re planning on doing some work in your home, you should opt for natural and sustainable furnishings and finishes, instead of synthetic ones. This means you should choose stone, concrete and raw timber, as that’s something that will be trending in Australian homes in 2022.

Also, you should consider investing in new, bigger windows and large glass pendants hanging from the ceilings. Potential buyers will acknowledge your effort to mirror nature and diminish the amount of plastic used in the household and will want to live in such a home. Finally, if you’re buying carpets, make sure they’re made of jute, wool or cotton, as opposed to polyester since this is something a buyer will notice.

Adding built-in furniture

Extra space is welcome in any home and if you feel like you can minimise the space your furniture takes, you should certainly do it. Any home buyer will appreciate it if you get rid of the massive pieces, that take too much space and aren’t practical enough. Instead of bulky closets and bookshelves, you should get some built-in furniture. Take the necessary measures and order furniture that fits perfectly and that will provide future homeowners with more precious indoor space. If you get some built-in cabinets or shelves, your home will appear spacier and brighter, but there will be plenty of storage space for any family that may live there in the future.

This idea can be utilized in your living room, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that room alone. In fact, you can invest in built-in beds for the children’s room or a built-in desk for the study. Aside from that, you can add shelf units or drawers underneath the beds in your home, or even invest in built-in vanity units for your bathroom. This can increase the price of your home significantly and give your home an advantage over other, similar ones.

If you have an opportunity to invest a reasonable amount of money into your home, but get a good return on it once you sell it, take it. However, before making any moves, think everything through, make a list of possible investments, consider which of them will pay off most and decide on those. Keep in mind that selling a property is something you should approach mindfully and even creatively so that you give your home an advantage it needs to sell faster than other properties around you.