Small House-Big Style: Decor Ideas to Redefine Your Tiny Interior


Small square footage is the Achilles heel of every homeowner, but it can actually be good for your design. Oftentimes, small rooms push people to change or new decor ideas, make smart design decisions, come up with practical storage solutions, clear clutter and think outside the box. So, if you want to give your small house plenty of styles, here are a few ideas that will help you redefine your small living room, kitchen or bedroom and create a gorgeous-looking space that won’t be boring, dark or claustrophobic.

Utilize corners

Corners are the hardest parts of a home to use successfully and practically, but they are also a great chance to add some more storage to your home decor ideas or boost your decoration. Corner shelves are an amazing way to add both storage and decoration to your home decor ideas-these can hold books, candles and other knick-knacks you don’t know where to put. If you’re a collector, you don’t want your pieces cluttering your coffee table or tv stand—a corner shelf is always a better idea. Putting some large greenery in the corner is also a great way to use the space, add a pop of color to your home and purify the stale air.

Utilize corners

Go double duty

When your space is small, the last thing you want to do is go shopping for some more items. So, go double-duty by using a chair as a side table, choose to ditch your beanbags for ottomans with under-the-seat storage and consider adding a bar cart to your kitchen (great for storage, serving guests and extra food prep area). 

Mix indoor and outdoor spaces

If your house is truly tiny, but your backyard packs a big punch, why not mix indoor and outdoor spaces? By picking out better back doors, you can boost the flow in your home and create an illusion of a grander space. Your best solution is to ditch your old doors and install big glass and timber sliding doors that will not only create an easy flow through space but also fill your home with plenty of natural light and ventilation. When your home is filled with sunshine and fresh air, it will instantly feel more comfortable and look more attractive. Plus, sliding doors don’t swing out, so they save valuable living space and let you place your furniture in a more convenient spot in the house.

Keep your floors clear

No matter how well you design your tiny home, it will be dysfunctional and cluttered if you don’t have space to walk in it. So, make sure to keep your floors as clean as possible. For instance, you can choose floating shelves and nightstands that will allow you to keep the floors clear and create some extra storage beneath. Forget about floor lamps and choose wall sconces and pick some hanging planters. 

Go with benches instead of chairs

If you search “tiny home” on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll notice that their owners really like cozy bench seating. Benches are much more space-effective than individual chairs and some of them even have hidden storage under the seating! And if you’re concerned about the design, you can boost the look of any seating piece with throws and decorative pillows. Add your storage bench to your dining room, living room or entryway and you’ll not only make your home look trendy, but also spacious and well-utilized.

Go with benches instead of chairs

Design a bar

Don’t have space for a dining room? Forget about it and add a bar top to your kitchen. An interesting countertop will not only add interest to your space but also provide more space for eating without blocking your entire house. Combine your bar top with slim stools that can be tucked underneath the bar and voila. No space for an office desk? Again, go with a small bar top and you’ll have enough space to put your laptop without creating clutter in your living room. Just because your house is tiny it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be surrounded by style and functionality. Don’t give up on pursuing a stylish home-just check out these ideas, adapt them for your space and you’ll achieve amazing results.

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