The Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas Revamp Your House


Painting the living room or bedroom is considered one of the prime concerns when you are getting into a new house or revamping the existing one, however, not much attention is given to the kitchen usually. The kitchen cabinet painting ideas often go unnoticed by textured or contrasting painting ideas for other rooms although the kitchen cabinets need to be more durable and well painted due to the random exposure to excess heat, grease and smoke. With a proper coat of paints, the cabinets made of superior material will last a lifetime and will be easier to maintain. 

Some of the common materials and tools used in kitchen cabinet painting are oil-based or acrylic paint, paintbrushes, roller, and cleaning solution like tri-sodium phosphate, primer, sandpaper, tack cloth, sponges and bucket along with putty, putty knife and electric oscillating sander. The painter applies the deglosser and wipes it off before applying a bond coat with a brush or roller, which acts as a primer or colour base. A decorative glaze is applied afterward and finally, the protective top coating is done for longevity. 

Painting Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets:

The kitchen cabinet painting ideas revolve much around the use of colour that compliments the kitchen elements or adds contrast. Here are the unique colouring ideas that you can incorporate.

#1. Black Charcoal Or Dark Glossy: A uniform monotonous look can be achieved with black cabinets because it looks classy, smart and sleek while having calming warmth. The idea is to keep the brush strokes as perfect as possible otherwise even little flaws will look too prominent under the light. Another idea is to skip the use of prima and sanding while applying the paint if you are tight on budget. 

#2. Distressed Elegance With Blue And Brown: For the historic or antique-styled kitchen, the vintage kitchen cabinet painting ideas will use colours like powdered blue or brown and add a distressed touch that gives a worn-out charm. This idea will work great with polished wooden cabinets and kitchen islands with wooden counter-top. 

#3. Go Neutral With Grey: If your kitchen has rustic elements like exposed brick walls, wooden window panels and distressed wooden tables or islands, go for the matching grey colour scheme. For some light elements, you can combine white with grey in such a way that the top cabinets are white while the floor cabinets are greyish in colour.  

#4. Soothing White, Off-White and Cream: Although one of the commonest kitchen cabinet painting ideas is to add white or whitish colour to your kitchen, many people do not feel brave enough to indulge in light colours because these could demand high maintenance. White cabinets have a Grecian or Spanish colonial vibe that is soothing to the eyes. 

#5. Contrast With Dark And Light Colours: Opposite colours always have a striking visual appeal and will highlight the focal points of the kitchen. Your best kitchen cabinet painting ideas will be to keep contrasting colours like white and jet black, red and black or white, marigold yellow and bright blue, etc for the cabinets.  

#6. Moss Green Or Emerald For Jungle Kitchen: Keeping indoor plants inside the kitchen has been a new trend for a soothing ambiance. With foliage-themed colours going well for the cabinets, the kitchen will look more appealing. You can have light green or lime green cabinets but those can get dirty over time –try experimenting with shiny emerald or matte moss green paints as those not only compliment the plants but also need less maintenance.  

#7. Bright Yellow, Purple, Crimson or Neon: For some bold and striking kitchen cabinet painting ideas, you can take reference from the kitchens featuring bright colour palettes. Offbeat and cheery, colours like eggplant purple, crimson, orange, neon and yellow can add the same vibe to your bedroom or living room.

The idea is to consider the existing colours in the kitchen wall and Reface Kitchen Bathrooms, island or floor to choose paint that suits the overall atmosphere. Go neutral with white, grey, brown or cream colours or striking contrast with blue, green and other bright colours. The choice is entirely yours.

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