Few Things You Should Know Before Painting A Home


The main aim of painting is to create an ambiance which will directly affect our mood. Adhering to trends to decide how you should color your room is the wrong way to go. The coat of paint in a room is and should directly depend on how you want that room to feel. The coat of paint in every room is supposed to adhere to that particular room’s mood like the bedroom blues or the sunny yellow kitchen. 

Deciding on a paint store to shop paint from can be a very bewildering job. In every shop, there will be a lot of different brands of paint selling the same shade of color, which will eventually confuse you. On the other hand, many consultants in the shop can also confuse you. Before you can decide on a store, educate yourself on painting basics. 

Types and Finishes of Paint: You can either choose a solvent-based paint, which dries slowly or water-based paint, which is easy to clean up.  You can choose a glossy finish if you have kids at home and for doors and windows, semi-gloss is recommended.

Basic Costs: Measure the space you are going to paint and ask the store clerk to calculate the necessary amount of paint needed. Once the quantity is figured out, determine the quality of paint based on your spending range. You also would need to pay for equipment like drop cloths, brushes and rollers if you are doing it yourself or pay for labor if you take professional help.

Health Hazards: According to studies, compared to outdoor air, indoor air is 5 times more polluted and paint emissions are one of the main toxins causing this pollution.  Nowadays, environmental regulations and general public awareness have led to the development of low volatile organic compounds paint or no volatile organic compounds paint.  Even natural vegan options of paint are available if that is your lifestyle choice.

Choosing the Perfect Color

Choosing the Perfect Color for Every Room in A Home Décor: 

  • Bedroom: A Bedroom is a place in one’s home where they unwind and relax. A very fine shade of blue and/or bluish green shade will be a very good choice. To achieve the ‘Zen’ mode, You need to calm your mind, which neutral tones like blue, blue-grey and green achieve perfectly.
  • Living Room: The living room is the place where one initiates conversations with a guest. Having a very neutral background will keep the atmosphere very calm and soothing. At the same time, having a very neutral background will help the furniture and the other art pieces to stand out. For example, yellow, light green or even peach.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom can either be a very peaceful area like a spa or can be a very flattering place. To have a very calm and restful atmosphere, it is best to use sage or Bluish-green shades. For a very flattering ambience, rosy hues can be a very good option as it compliments almost all skin types.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen should be a very welcoming place. It is a place where everyone gathers to do the favorite thing in every person’s life, to eat. To create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere one should use a shade of sunny yellow, to duplicate sunlight, but it shouldn’t be too bright.
  • Entryway: It is the place where the guests have their first impression of your home. The tone for the rest of your house is set right here. The color combination applied here should be a very exciting color having a bit of drama. There should be a visual drum roll when your guests appear but remember never applying anything bright in this space. 

The decision of choosing a color is difficult but once done, you need to be able to locate a customer-positive paint store in your locality to get the best quality paint. 

Painting is very important for one’s home or office or any place for that matter. They are not just to make the place look good, but they create an ambiance and set your mood accordingly. Educating oneself about painting will be ideal before walking into a paint store can be the first step towards hassle free painting. 

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