Tips to Follow Before Ordering the Cleaning Of the Carpets


If carpet is not very dirty and only has a few spots, it is advisable to first try to find solutions and homemade tricks. Simple resources to clean a carpet easily and that you can apply yourself and in situ. The use of Rug Cleaners with water and ammonia or white vinegar, in proportion of five parts of water and one of ammonia or vinegar, to clean stains and dirt with a soft brush or sprinkle the surface of the carpet with common salt or baking soda. Two of the most popular and effective the cleaning tricks.

Another of the tips to consider is to take the moment to clean some stains of a carpet to make a comprehensive cleaning of all the upholstery to leave them in the same state of hygiene and eliminate odours and excess dust and dirt. Also, to hire the Carpet Cleaning Services with a company, you can always pay a good price.

On the other hand, and put to economize, if the carpet is very worn by a transit or heavy use, it is still time to assess the price of cleaning compared to a new carpet. Cleaning a very dirty carpet is not an easy task and cleaning a carpet in the poor condition will never yield the expected results as it is possible to lose colour, density and presence. A new and quality carpet will give the better appearance and image of the house or the premises. In this case one has to take help of Rug Cleaning Services.

Practical tricks to clean the carpets

If you need to clean a carpet to remove bad odors you can resort to several tricks of simple application that specialists recommend:

If the smell is of smoke, then you have to sprinkle the carpet with common salt or sodium bicarbonate and let the product act for about 12 hours, being able to extend the period of time depending on the intensity of the smell. Once that time has passed, the bicarbonate or salt should be removed with a vacuum cleaner, after which it is advisable to clean the carpets with a steam wand and let it dry.

  • If the smell is from urine, from pets or from small children, it is advisable to absorb the liquid with kitchen paper or newspaper to eliminate as much moisture as possible at once. Then proceed to clean the stain with a brush or sponge and a sprayer in which water has been mixed with ammonia or white vinegar in proportion of 2 parts of one of these two products and one of water. Pass the vacuum cleaner once clean.
  • If the odors are of moisture or mildew, then it is advised to clean the carpet with a brush and a mixture of water, baking soda and white vinegar cleaning. The proportions indicated are 2 cups of water, 2 of vinegar and half of bicarbonate. It is necessary to vacuum the carpet before and after the application.
  • Another problem that often arises is how to clean the hairs of animals from the carpet. A task that occurs in every house where there is a pet and has several very simple solutions.
  • One of the simplest is to pass a brush remover over the entire surface.
  • Another trick to make it easier to remove the hair of pets is to spray the carpet with a mixture of water and softener in a diffuser to drag the hairs. Then you have to let the carpet dry and vacuum to remove all the hairs that are left.
  • To clean the food stains of the carpet there are several tricks that depend on the type of food.

Now, there are some guidelines that can always be followed:

  • The first thing is to clean the stain with kitchen paper as soon as possible and absorb the moisture from it.
  • For residues that may have been left to be rubbed with a specific stain remover or with a mixture of water, bicarbonate and white vinegar.
  • Once the affected area is clean and dry, it will be time to wipe a little water with fabric softener.