How To Upgrade Your Home During Spring?


Spring has arrived and it’s time to change your heavy fabrics and dark home accessories. Keep away the boring things and bring out lighter and brighter elements for the spring season. If you want to know the latest home upgrade ideas for spring season update then read the following tips. 

1. Welcome Shiny Bright colors

During the spring season, it’s time to replace every old boring item with the new one. As your outdoor is automatically starts getting bright and beautiful during spring, therefore, your interior should mimic the same. 

Pack all the dark color items that felt so cozy during winter. Now, it’s time to see a bright color all around. First of all, rubbish removal and cleaning all the rooms in your home is really important. After this, add new colors to provide a fresher look to your home. 

Try to replace the browns, blacks, and deep jewel color shade with pastels. Use bright color wherever it is possible. 

There are various ways to add a new bright color to your room. 

2. Add Flowers

Don’t let your rooms plain and simple. Add some flowers and brighten up space. Here, you can choose any color flowers there is no specific condition. Flowers are meant to brighten up space no matter which type and which color you use.  

Well, you do not need a huge amount of them but a small flower arrangement on table top flower vase,  mantle or windowsill will bring a significant difference. 

The best thing about the flowers is that no matter which color combination you use, these flower bundles always look stunning. 

Therefore, it offers the best opportunity to play with different colors you wouldn’t normally use and put together.

3. Purchase Lighter Fabrics

Pack all the heavy throws or pillows that felt amazing during winter. 

Store all the things that are made up of wool, faux fur, cable knit, and various other wintry fabrics. Purchase light fabric bedsheet, pillow cover, cushion cover etc. 

Also, make sure that you purchase a bright color and printed pattern that looks amazing during the spring season. 

4. Change Lampshades

Changing your lampshades is a simple but most effective way and home upgrade ideas to refresh your home for the spring season. 

Lampshades come in all colors, patterns, and sizes so it’s not hard to find something fun that will work with your space. 

And if you do run into trouble, you can always go the custom route (it’s more expensive but you’ll be able to get exactly what you want). 

Alternatively, if you want a really subtle change you can add some ribbon around the perimeter of the bottom and/or top of the shade for a nice, colorful detail. It can be done in a few minutes using double-sided fabric tape.

5. Paint a Room

If you’ve got a weekend to spare consider repainting a room in a lighter color. 

It can be a completely new color or just a lighter shade of your current color. 

The difference can really be astounding and if you decide you don’t like it you can always change it back.

6. Switch Out Curtains

The window treatments can significantly change the look of your room. 

Therefore, during spring season you should replace your heavy draperies with light and printed curtains and shades. 

Ready-made curtain panels can be purchased for very little money so it doesn’t have to be a costly change. 

Of course, if you want something really specific in home upgrade ideas it’s usually worth it to have custom window treatments made.

7. Update Accessories

In the spring season, less is more, so take away some of your accessories and de-clutter. Lighten your bookshelves and pare down your coffee table and fireplace mantel.

8. Fantastic Florals

You plain and simple room will look glorious with floral patterned accessories. Mix and match the colors and patterns to create the eclectic look. 

You can use a mirror or rug with a garden trellis pattern. Then accessorize with a tea tray and cut flowers arranged in pitchers, teapots and teacups to add English charm.

9. White Painted Beadboard

Create a crisp tailored look with white painted beadboard. 

You can dress up your room with dresses up a room, adding both good texture and great interest to the walls. It is easy to install and gives any room a timeless appeal. Add a wainscot or extend it all the way to the ceiling.

10. Lovely Lavender

If we decorate our home with pastel colors then you should not overlook lavender. Lavender is a sophisticated neutral that looks amazing and beautifully with other colors. 

This makes it the best choice for your master bedrooms. 

Integrate it with other pastels or neutral colors like grey and ivory for a soft and good look. Then add bright accent colors such as gold, chartreuse or teal for a pop of color.

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