Vinyl Shutters Vs Wood Shutters: Which Material You Need


Shutters are always a perfect add-on to your homes. It adds the right flair and style to your house apart from protecting your home from weather extremes and intruders. The right shutter completes the look of your home.

For those who wish to renovate their homes, adding the right shutter will suffice. A perfect combination of beauty and utility, exterior or interior shutters can always give your home a different and elegant look. When it comes to shutter style and materials, an array of options is available for you to choose. Popular shutter materials include wood and vinyl, that is widely used in most of the homes and commercial purposes.

There is always a constant debate on which is a better option, wood shutters or vinyl shutters? Here is a guide to choose between the right shutter material between wood shutters and vinyl shutters:

Why choose wood shutters?

Wood shutters are strong and durable. It has its own natural beauty that can add warmth and character to any room. For a traditional touch to your house, wood shutters are always a good option. Wood has its own natural beauty that can create a noticeable impact on the interior of your homes. Some of the common reasons for which you can choose wood shutters are as follows:

  • For warm, rich authentic effects, wood shutters are a good option. Ideal to team with wood flooring or wood carpet, you can always paint or stain wood shutters with any color of your wish. The earthy grainy structure of wood shutters adds the right appeal to your home. So, ideal to go with any house style, you can always choose this option for your home.

  • Wood is a durable option that can last for years if maintained properly. It is ideal to protect your homes from intruders and also maintain an optimum temperature inside the rooms. It controls the amount of light, provides privacy and keeps harmful rays at bay. So, investing in the right wood shutter can be a worthwhile investment for renovating your homes. This solid, hardwood material is easy to dust just with a piece of cloth. Wood is a stronger material than vinyl and is ideal as shutter coverings for large windows.

  • Wood shutters can be an expensive option if made from proper hardwood like cedar and teak. For this reason, it is not preferred by many individuals who need shutters within an affordable budget. Also, wood shutters are not ideal for places that can experience a lot of moisture or condensation. It can crack, peel or warp with time. It is also not resistant to scratches and dents. So, kitchens and bathrooms are not ideal for this material. Also, regular coatings and varnishes are required for ideal maintenance of wood shutters.

Why choose vinyl-made shutters?

Vinyl shutters are the perfect economical choice for people looking for shutters within a fixed budget. For an elegant, complete look to your home, vinyl shutters can always be installed in your homes. It adds beauty to your homes and also protects your homes from weather extremes along with intruders. Some of the important reasons for which you can opt for vinyl made shutters are as follows:

  • Vinyl shutters are the most widely popular affordable option in the market. For people looking for cost-effective, useful shutter material for their homes, vinyl can be your ideal choice.

  • Unlike wood-made shutters, this material is appropriate for places that are prone to moisture and condensation. So, vinyl-made shutters are ideal for houses where it rains frequently. It can also be installed as shutter material for the kitchen and bathrooms as it is moisture resistant.
  • For years, vinyl shutters can look perfectly well even with the least of maintenance. You do not need to paint or varnish it at regular intervals. It will not peel, warp or crack with time, unlike wood shutters. Also, vinyl shutters are very easy to clean with just mild soap and water followed by wiping with a dry piece of cloth.

  • Vinyl-made shutters are scratch and dent resistant with time. It can offer you the perfect finish that you have been looking for. Although it does not have the warm appeal of wooden shutters, it is nonetheless. If you are looking for a stylish, beautiful and affordable shutter option that comes with a warranty, then this is the best option for you.
  • Shutters made from vinyl cannot be painted or stained. Also, it does not offer you a warm rich look like that of wood shutters.

So, wooden shutters are a good option for people who want a stylish, warm appeal to their homes. The shutters provide a rustic touch and are a perfect example of class and elegance. However, wood shutters are very expensive and difficult to maintain. It can get damaged with time which is not the case with vinyl-made shutters. Vinyl-made shutters are affordable and offer stylish look protection and privacy to your homes with the least of maintenance and care. You need to go for a reliable shutter manufacturer company to help you get the right one.

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