Why You Need To Keep Magnetic Erase Glass Boards?


Modern homes, offices, and schools have adopted the glass boards as writing materials. Different types of glass boards are available to be used in the office, school or home setting. Compared to the conventional boards that were mostly used in the 20th century, the glass boards are more popular with modern office and school owners. When outlining phases of projects to be completed, the glass boards come in handy since corrections can be made easily. Unlike the traditional boards where chalk was used for writing on the wooden or the concrete boards, the glass boards can be easily customized or moved around. This can be done without much problem since most of them are mostly mounted on movable stands. Having a movable glass board within your office s essential as it can be moved to where it is needed. For instance, if you have meetings in two different rooms, you can use the glass board in the first meeting and also move with it to the next meeting.

The clear glass dry erase board and the magnetic erase glass boards are the most popular with modern office owners. They have some advantages that are attached to them making them a good choice among many homes and office owners. For people who still use the traditional boards, they would need to upgrade to either the clear glass dry erase board or magnetic erase glass boards after realizing the many benefits they would experience from them. This article will include a discussion of the advantages of having either the two different types of glass boards.

Benefits of Installing Clear Glass Dry Erase Board

In modern classrooms or office, you cannot go without seeing either of the two most common erase boards being used.  Why have they become so popular today compared to the traditional boards that were used in teaching and also in meetings? There are primary reasons that are cited by experts why you should have either of the two board in your home, office or classroom. They are not comparable to the traditional boards due to their improved efficiency and effectiveness in presentations. The following are the main benefits that you would accrue from acquiring a clear glass dry erase board.

Glass Boards Are Durable

The durability of glass materials within an office, home or classroom is an essential thing. Most home or office owners invest heavily in glass materials to be used for the decoration or the construction of their immediate spaces. The durability of the clear glass dry erase board is guaranteed since it is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than the standard regular glass. This means that it has a surface that is scratch resistant. Such glass can last for many years without the need of replacement. In busy environments such as the office or school, clear glass dry erase board may exposed to the risk of being damaged through scratching. However, since they are made from tempered glass, the owner does not need to worry about them being damaged.

Improved Aesthetic of The Office

Making an office to look more contemporary includes the incorporation of modern ideas into the working strategy of the organization. There are different ways through which this can be done including the introduction ofglass erase board. With this type of glass board, the office looks more trendy and elegant. Since the glass is clear, it does not act as an obstruction to the line of view. Unlike the traditional black wooden boards or whiteboards, the glass eraser board is better in that one can see through them. This is an addition to the elegance and uniqueness of the office in the long run. Most people do not understand the need to have a clear glass dry erase board in their offices. They assume it is part of upgrading the tools of working yet the clear glass dry erase board acts as an accessory to improve the aesthetic of the office environment.

Glass Boards are Stain Resistant

Having stains on glass surfaces can be irritating. Conventional whiteboards are mostly affected by dirt which fails to come off if not regularly cleaned. With the clear glass dry erase board, it is stain resistant. However, to maintain it in that condition, regular cleaning is required. Since the eraser is used every time the board has been used, cleaning with water regularly after use would make it last longer and avoid the formation of stains which is as a result of dirt accumulating over time. Also, the clear glass dry erase board does not have a ghosting effect. The ghosting effect is when you use a permanent market, and the ink does not get erased. Instead, it remains intact, and you are required to write on top of that ink when in need of using the board. This is a problem that you would not experience when using the clear glass dry erase board.

Eco-Friendly Material

The current world requires environmental conservation through the introduction of materials that do not pollute the environment. The clear glass dry erase board is made of tempered glass which can be easily recycled. The traditional plastic whiteboards are incomparable to the clear glass dry erase board since they were non-decomposable and hence causing environmental pollution.

Easy Installation

Installing a glass board in your office does not require expert skills. You only need an instruction book, and you will be good to go. There are several installation methods that you may opt to use depending on the space available in your office or home.  However, the glass board can also be mounted on a movable stand whereby it can be moved to any location that it is required.

They Can Be Used As Projection Screens

Projectors require smooth surfaces for them to produce quality images. Clear glass dry erase boards are normally used as projection surfaces in conference rooms, homes or schools. If they are well placed in good lighting, the projection can be of high quality which makes presentations to be likable.  If the glass boards are to be used as a projection screens in a conference room, it is recommended that a whiteboard should be placed behind the clear glass board. This would help in creating better images without a lot of reflections.

Advantaged Of Magnetic Erase Glass Boards

Advantaged Of Magnetic Erase Glass Boards

Magnetic erase glass boards are useful in the home and office setting since they can be used for some purposes. The following are some beneficial use of the Magnetic Erase Glass Boards.

Tucking Important Information

Family members within the house may want to share relevant information. Having a Magnetic Erase Glass Boards makes it easy for them to tuck important notes on it. Unlike the traditional boars where you had to use tuck pins to hold notices or piece of instruction, the Magnetic Erase Glass Boards does not require such complexity. A magnetic holder is placed on top of the instruction, direction note, or any other important document with information to be shared. Within the office setting the glass boards can be used to place notices to the employees, any new update and information within different departments. It is possible to have a Magnetic Erase Glass Board for every department to enhance the communication within the office. Employees can also post information they want to share with others on them

They Are Easily Customizable

Magnetic Erase Glass Boards are made from tempered glass which is hard to break and is resistant to wear and tear. When in need of one or several, they can be customized to fit in a specific position. This is most common in offices where glass boards of specific sizes are required. When there is limited space in the office, you don’t want to introduce a Magnetic Erase Glass Boards that are too large and cause congestion in the long run. Homeowners can also order for a customized Magnetic Erase Glass Board from vendors in different parts of the world, the size and the shape are al dependent on the requirements of the home or office owner.

What To Consider When Buying Erase Glass Boards

Buying erase glass boards in the modern glass market can be hectic especially if you have never done so you need to check on the following before deciding to buy one for your home or office. There is a glass boards company Fab Glass and Mirror, in my personal suggestion you must try once.

The Office Space Available

The amount of space you have in your home or office will determine the size and color of the glass boards that you will buy. If you have a spacious room, then having a large sized glass boards would be recommended so that it can serve many people at one especially when used as a projector screen and official reception areas. Visiting a local dealer to help with the section of the most appropriate size for your office would be useful.