5 Advantages Why You Should Choose A Sectional Garage Door


Sectional garage doors are an excellent alternative to traditional garage doors. They are mainly composed of individual elements, known as sections, that are connected by hinges. These sections along with the hinges make it possible for the owners to roll the door up or down in a vertical manner. This may be done in a way that the door conveniently slides below the ceiling. This is in great contrast to the traditional garage doors that opened outwards in front of the garage. sectional garage doors provide a very aesthetic appearance to the whole setup and this is one of the reasons why it is so desired in recent times. 

Although it finally depends upon the discretion of the owner, there are a few factors or advantages that make sectional garage doors more apt for contemporary use in comparison to traditional front-opening garage doors. 

Five of The Advantages Goes as Follows:

#1. Provide Excellent Security: The use of sectional garage doors provides greater security in comparison to their up-and-over counterparts. They have very minimal pivot points and hence put up a greater difficulty in front of someone trying to barge into the house. Some of them are provided with an anti-lift kit that prevents the door from being forcefully opened. The process is purely mechanical, and the door continues to provide security even in times of power cuts. sectional garage doors are made up of highly tested, premium quality substances that make them immune to any attempt of forceful infiltration or any event of unwarranted violence unleashed even after decades from the time of their installation. 

#2. Allows for Small Driveways: People who cannot afford a lot of space for their garages, prefer this form of the sectional garage door as it clears off a lot of space that might have otherwise been occupied in opening and closing doors. Thus, better utilization of the space for parking cars is ensured. Also, in the case of garages placed near roads or pavements, sectional garage doors provide a secured passage to pedestrians and also allow for a better flow of traffic. 

#3. Allows for Unusual Garage Openings: Garages that are not built in the traditional way, make it very difficult for the owners to buy a suitable garage door. sectional garage doors do away with such difficulty as these doors are available in various shapes such as arched or dome-shaped ones. 

#4. Protects from External Elements: The garage is often the place where one keeps his or her valuable sports car or family cars without the fear of their cars getting damaged under the impact of extreme climatic conditions. Hence, protecting it from external factors often becomes an utter necessity. sectional garage doors serve this purpose with ease. Being made of high-quality materials, they keep the valuables of the owner away from wind, rain, autumn leaves, snowfall, garden debris, etc. that can often cause damage. Some of them are also built in a way that they provide thermal insulation to the house and the garage. sectional garage doors can help retain the heat in such cases. They often have a plastic profile that works like a thermal break in between the frame and the brickwork, helping in better thermal insulation. 

#5. Allows for Manual or Electrical Opening: They are an easy resort for people who prefer the electrical opening of garage doors to evade the hectic work of pulling up and down the doors manually. However, choices for manually running ones are also available and it entirely depends on the buyer’s judgment to choose which one suits his purpose the best. 

Sectional garage doors, in spite of all the benefits, have a major disadvantage of the sections getting stuck while opening or closing the doors and this occurs mainly when the sections don’t work well together. Some amount of dust and dirt often travels through the sections and makes it a matter of extreme necessity for the garage to be cleaned at regular intervals. However, the protection these modern garage doors provide, is of superior quality. Therefore, the benefits often surpass the little disadvantages associated with the nonfunctioning of the metal sections making it the buyer’s first choice.

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