6 Ways Innovations and Technology are Changing the HVAC Industry


Technology is changing every industry and every product there is. HVAC systems are no exception as technology has shaped and continues to shape this industry, too. In order to keep up with the industry, HVAC companies need to ensure they are up-to-date with the new tech and leveraging the right tools. So, if you are interested to see how technology influences the HVAC industry, read on. Let’s start. 

HVAC Solutions are Becoming Sustainable

There are more and more commercial HVAC systems and companies that are following sustainable solutions and trends. Green building strategies are designed for maximum power efficiency and sustainability, so the HVAC industry has to adapt. Some great examples are solar solutions and geothermal heat pumps and wind turbines that HVAC businesses have started to install. What’s more, many companies are updating their older tech with energy-efficient alternatives that produce the same amount of heating and cooling while reducing the carbon footprint. Also, a great example is eco-friendly AHUs. There is a more collaborative end-to-end AHU selection software that ensures proper ventilation and air temperature. 

Smart HVAC Systems are in Place

This new trend of making everything smart has entered the HVAC industry, as well. This smart technology leverages networked HVAC components that enable homeowners to control humidity, fan speed, air temperature, and other aspects to achieve optimal comfort in the room. And all these aspects can easily be controlled via smartphones or tablets. Besides ensuring comfortable temperatures, smart HVAC systems also help companies save money and energy because these systems can be programmed to support specific and individual rooms where people spend time. 

Preventive Maintenance is a Huge Trend

Thanks to smart HVAC systems, the game has changed in the industry. Not only do these systems make it easy to achieve optimal temperature and conditions inside a room, but they also help utilize and provide customized recommendations to the users. These can be perfectly used to improve energy efficiency and make sure the system is working at optimal levels, requiring less maintenance. 

For example, these smart systems can gather data based on usage. They also gather data on other factors and create a perfect preventive maintenance plan. The Internet of Things is also used to control these systems and help improve preventive maintenance. Now, you can offer remote monitoring and adjustment and even equipment status sensing. These can alert and notify users if there is a need for maintenance or if there are any potential issues with the HVAC system. 

VR is Used to Train HVAC Technicians

Virtual reality has found another amazing use – training HVAC technicians. This technology that involves 3D computer-generated simulations is perfect for training new technicians in a safe environment that also mimics the real world. VR also makes it easier for trainees to learn and acquire a wide range of skills anytime and anywhere. They can better understand the basics, varieties of tools and advanced troubleshooting, and all that can be done effectively, safely, and without added costs. 

Mobile Technology is Here Too

Many HVAC companies are utilizing the potential and ease of use of mobile technology. They are introducing apps that their customers can use to interact with both technicians and their devices. As mentioned above, they can use their phones to control the HVAC system, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The technicians can also see their schedules and assignments with mobile-based software and apps. Also, customers can use the same tech to book maintenance and even pay for services with just a few taps on their phones. 

Wearable Video Technology

Last but not least, wearable technology is shaping the HVAC industry, too. HVAC companies can now take their customer service to a whole new level. HVAC techs are now using wearable recording devices that look like safety glasses and use them to provide a video after they have completed their services. Through this video, the client can know for sure that the expert has finished the job, and they can also see how the job was actually performed. All this ensures trust and loyalty in your counters, and can greatly improve communication with them.

Technology is advancing fast and no industry is left behind. Innovations in tech are finding their new purposes fast and the HVAC industry is no exception. Not only are the HVAC systems becoming more energy efficient, but they are also smart, too. Plus, wearable tech, data gathering, and the use of mobile phones have taken this industry to a higher level. All these innovations improve customer experience, and the life span of the equipment and overall produce satisfied customers all over the globe.

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