Easy Gardening Tips: How to Bring Life Back to an Old Backyard


If you expect to see a green and lively backyard when you look outside your window in the morning, but all you see is dry grass and dead plants, it’s time for some backyard CPR. Want to resuscitate your old backyard? Here are some easy gardening tips to help you do that. 

Well-pruned shrubs and bushes

Tree branches, shrubs, and bushes can get damaged by the elements, but you can prune them back to life. Grab a handsaw and pruning shears and go to town! It’s always best to use hand-operated tools rather than electric shears because these won’t create a thick outer layer of growth that will block all light and air from reaching the center of the plant. When it comes to shrubs (like roses) prune them before the buds swell, but spring bloomers (like forsythia) need to be pruned after they flower, keep that in mind. 

Healthy lawns for fun days outside

It’s a very smart idea to test the soil in your backyard and check its pH factor, so you can start the healing process of your shabby lawn. If you have any turf that got damaged by salt or disease, it needs to be removed and re-seeded. Keep the new seed moist by providing it with a nice layer of compost and the rest of the lawn nicely trimmed and with some time and care, the grass will be greener on your side. You should also pull out all dead foliage, annuals, and leaves to prevent them from smothering your lawn. 

Lovely pathways for a well-organized garden

Over time, your pathways become more of a hazard than a safety feature. For starters, pick up all escaped gravel, take it back into your stone pathways and fill up the holes as well. If you live in a colder climate, some pavers probably got out of place during the freeze-thaw cycle, so it would be a good idea to replenish the base material before setting the paver back in its place. In case you have porous natural or manmade tiles as your pathways, make sure to give them a revamp with some sealing. It’s very important to have your tile sealing done by a professional in order to ensure the best protection against staining and any chemical attack, deterioration, and contamination. And, this process will make your tiles look much more attractive and your property well-cared for. 

Fresh fences for fancy safety 

If you didn’t pay attention to your backyard in a while, there are probably a few pickets and boards that are rotted and broken that need to be removed and replaced with some new wood. Even if your fence is in good condition, it will probably benefit from some light scrubbing. A mixture of water, bleach and liquid soap will do wonders when it comes to reviving your fence. If that doesn’t help, you might need a fresh coat of paint. Remove old paint, sand the wood (60 grit is perfect) and you’re ready for a new coat of paint or stain. 


Practical additions for better comfort 

Bringing life to your backyard doesn’t only involve caring for your plants. You also need to boost the comfort and usability of your space-the activity of your family will truly make your space come alive! So, consider adding a practical seating area to your space or add an exciting fire element to the mix. A small fire pit is easy to make and cheap to buy. However, sometimes the smallest things have the best effect, so your fire pit will inspire your entire family to get out and actually spend time in your new and improved backyard. 

Add something for the kids or pets

There’s no better way to bring life to your backyard than to fill it with children’s laughter. Your kids and your nieces and nephews will love to let their imaginations run wild while playing in a sandbox and making castles. A swing or two will also bring plenty of fun to your old backyard. Hang an old tire to a sturdy tree branch and voila! If you know you have some small artists in the family, a chalkboard fence will provide them with hours of creative fun and you’ll always have different art in your backyard. If you don’t have kids, you can do something special for your pets. A small obstacle course will be a great addition to your space!

When you makeover your backyard like this, your space will not only look better but feel more inviting to you and your family. Expect to spend many amazing days outside in your new backyard!

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