How do I Know Which Perfume Suits Me?


If you are a woman, you have heard this before or if you have not, it is time to learn. Fragrance for women is something that defines the nature of the woman, it says a lot about a woman than a man. Guys normally just walk up to a shelf and pick out the perfume randomly, but for women, choosing the best fragrance is an adventure of tastes and preferences.

More to the liking of a particular brand is the fact that a woman’s perfume defines her character and personality. Women make this choice in regards to their personality, how to choose a perfume that suits your personality is very simple.

As easy as it may seem, this is a very tricky procedure for women. Selecting the wrong choice of perfume can bring the wrong idea about you to people especially in women because women tell a lot about themselves in terms of personality when wearing their perfumes.

Choosing the best perfume for your personality requires you to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you allergic to the perfume?

This should be the first question anyone asks (including men) when looking for perfume. This is because your health is very important. Different perfumes come from different manufacturers, meaning that there is an addition of different ingredients and depending on your body; they can result in an allergic reaction.

Any woman should take note of this and if the need arises, consult a dermatologist on products that affect her skin. There is no point in smelling great while you have a rash or any other allergic reaction to your perfume. Some perfumes have short-term and others take a longer time to show effects. If your perfume produces allergies, it is not the perfume for you. Know here men accessories trends.

Does it complement your dress?

Your dress should definitely complement your perfume. There is nothing as bad as smelling good but you have a dull look with dull clothing. This does not really count on the location, but if you are wearing office clothes, some strong scents may be too much for the clothes.

Your clothes already complement your personality; the perfume is just the tip of the iceberg when playing this role. Few perfumes are general especially when looking at the dressing, hence to consider this is a step to your personality. Ensure that what you wear should be something that will match up with the fragrance of the perfume you wear.

Where and when will you be wearing the perfume?

Different occasions call for different dressing perfumes; there are places where strong perfumes may be inappropriate such as offices or just inside the house, while outdoor activities may force you to wear strong perfumes.

In addition, some places may require you to have a strong perfume to be able to show a certain aspect about you, since strong perfumes show authority and class, while weak perfumes may show the aspect of shyness. The different scents also display something about you even if it is not evident on your side.

What do your friends and associates think about it?

Finally, people’s opinion contributes to a certain margin when choosing your perfume. Women talk more often than not, sharing ideas, giving opinions and going to do activities together. When shopping for perfumes, your friends can give you ideas on what perfume suits you because they know you best and can help you make this decision on what perfume may suit your personality. Advice from your friends helps you come up with the decision on which perfume suits your personality.


I recommend any woman to ask herself the questions above when looking to find the best perfume to suit her personality. Every woman has that perfume that makes her feel alive and defines her. Following the above guide, you will discover how to find the best perfume for your personality with ease. Any compliment that you receive on the perfume you wear is something positive about your personality.

I advise you to follow the above information to the letter since I am proof that it works, either if you want to know your personality or if you want to show your personality to someone else.

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