How to Know It Is Time to Move to a New Home


For most of us, buying property is like a marriage. You want it to last forever. Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing a house, that is rarely the case. According to a research study, one in three homeowners is looking for a new place to live. 

How do know whether it is time to start searching for a new home? Let’s find out!

1. You have Outgrown your Space

Do you often feel like Alice in Wonderland? The things around you seem to be shrinking.

The number of storage boxes in the corners of your rooms is growing.

Your kids often fight, not wanting to share the same room anymore. 

You do not have a spare room for your guests.

Well, these might be just some of the numerous signs that your house has become too small for your needs. That often happens to starter houses, irrespective of the time, effort, and money you invested.

If decluttering your rooms or reorganizing furniture does not help, maybe it is time to start looking for a larger home.

2. Your Home has Become too Big

While having some extra space may seem like a good idea, many families actually decide to downsize their homes for many reasons.

For example, have your grown-up kids already left the family nest? Their unoccupied rooms evoke too many memories and nostalgia. Even though no one is using them, you still have to invest both time and money in maintaining them.  

By downsizing, you will reduce the need for maintenance that eats up a lot of your time, money, and energy. 

3. Your Neighborhood is not Safe Anymore

When you were purchasing your existing home, you probably researched the safety of the neighborhood. A lot of amenities in the vicinity, a welcoming community, and a safe neighborhood often encourage homebuyers to make purchasing decisions faster. 

Unfortunately, time shows no mercy. If your family-friendly neighborhood is in decline, that is one of the most valid reasons to move out. After all, there is no shame in wanting to live in a neighborhood where your family will feel safe and valued.

Precisely because of that, it is crucial to notice the first signs of your community changing for the worse.

Here are just some of the numerous terrifying indicators that you are living in an unsafe neighborhood:

  • Increased pollution
  • Locks everywhere
  • Constant police presence
  • Abandoned storefronts
  • The high crime rate
  • Annoying neighbors
  • The growing unemployment rate
  • Unbearable noise late at night 

And, no, bringing back the former appeal to your neighborhood is not always possible. This process may take years or even decades. 

Keep in mind that the value of properties in neighborhoods with a poor reputation also declines over time. Therefore, it may be a good idea to move out before it gets even harder to sell your old home. 

4. Your Home does Not Make your Happy

You are starting to notice even the tiniest problems related to your house. 

Your house is too far from your workplace. 

Why is the bathroom too small?

The house is not fit for parties. 

And, it does not even have a proper balcony.

That is what exactly happened to me a few years ago. My apartment affected the quality of my life on so many levels. Once I noticed that my every conversation started with: “You see, the problem with my home is…,” I knew that I needed to do something about it and start looking for new homes nearby area.

5. Your Home Requires Significant Money Investments

If you are still not sure whether to buy a new home or not, why not start by estimating the maintenance costs of your current home? For example, if you live in an old house, you may have already reached the point where repair and maintenance costs have exceeded your budget. 

If you need to continuously pour more and more cash into that giant money pit, consider looking for a newer property that requires minimum upgrades. Always look for homes that are already adapted to your everyday needs. They usually require less work and lower initial investments.

Ready to Move to a New Home?

Selling your existing house and purchasing a new one is one of the toughest decisions. As with any relationship, it is vital to recognize the signs that it is time to move on. 

Those are just some of the numerous factors that will help you determine whether it is time to start seeking a home. 

And, if you fail to recognize them or keep sweeping them under the carpet, you may eventually feel stuck living in a place you do not belong. 

Tell us about your home buying experiences. How did you know it was time to purchase a new house?

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