[Infographic] 5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Smells in the Kitchen


The kitchen can get dirty after continuous use, and there probably isn’t a day when we don’t use it since it is where we cook our food after all. When dirty, a room gives off a bad smell, and this is usually a sign that you’ve neglected your kitchen.

Have you thought about how you could take out the bad smell? There are five ways to freshen up your kitchen.

Baking soda has an alkaline substance that can absorb foul scents. You can leave it open in the refrigerator for 30 days and replace it afterward.

Lemon juice can also neutralize the bad smell. You can sprinkle some in musty-prone areas like the sink and its drain. Adding in boiling water is a variation of this method that can produce better results.

The bad smell stays when the air doesn’t move, so it is essential to keep the room ventilated. Installing a ceiling fan would help in circulating and bringing in fresh air to remove the foul odor. A ceiling fan can also help cool the room, especially during the summer.

Opening the window is another way to ventilate the room which could also send an occasional breeze of air from the outside.

Sponges can become colonies for disease-causing microbes and give off a bad smell. Because a constantly-used sponge is stinky, it is advised to change the old sponges with new ones every two to three weeks. It is also recommended to disinfect them after every use.

Cooking can be messy, and any residue would contribute to a stinky kitchen. Make it a habit to clean as you wait for your food to finish and the room’s overall smell would improve.

Keeping your kitchen clean is essential in making sure it won’t stink. See Mr Cabinet Care’s infographic for more details.


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