Knock Down Your House and Rebuild: 7 Things to Consider


Traditionally, people who wanted to expand their existing homes or change their house layout usually opted for extensive renovation work. However, since the prices of renovations are constantly going up, more and more homeowners are choosing a knockdown and rebuild approach. This option is very attractive for people who feel like they need more space in their house or want to change their house layout into a full-blown duplex for an added source of income.

No matter in which category you belong, you need to assess your wants and needs with care and consider a few following things before you start knocking down your house. 

Study the laws

Before you start stressing over your knockdown and rebuild process, make sure to first check with the council planning laws in your area and see whether they allow such a process. In some cases, homes that have reached a specific age or have a certain historical value can’t be demolished. So, if your primary goal is to build a new home, don’t forget to do your homework first and check the age of your structure. This can be done by studying the original drainage plans or finding a copy of your records. If you see that your house is not under any protection, you can start with other planning points like expenses and design. 

Settle on a home design

Before you start looking for builders, settle on a particular design for your new home. If you’re very specific and can’t find exact images or drawings of the house of your dreams, find one that closely matches your plans and use it for inspiration. Also, consider all the materials and dimensions you have in mind because these make a huge difference when talking to your prospective builders and getting estimates. 

Consider the expenses

When it comes to expenses, you need to calculate all the factors that go into new home building expenses and add house demolition costs. If this is the first time doing something this extensive, check out first home finance guides for help. Some of the main factors to consider are measurements of the future house, architectural and design features, site accessibility, location of the project, materials, site preparation, contractor fees and other professional service fees. 

Find building partners

If this is your first time doing something like that, finding reliable builders is not an easy task. Your safest bet is to opt for someone with experience in knockdown and rebuild jobs. Luckily, in places where these projects are popular like Australia, you won’t have to waste too much time on this step. It’s pretty easy to find experts specializing in knock down rebuild in Sydney so you know you’ll get the home of your dreams. Leaders in the field always build to the highest standard, and you can even check out their display homes to get a better idea of the level of expertise and quality they offer.

Have property assessment 

Your builders will study the project, and assess the size, property, power, drainage, traffic, greenery, slope and accessibility before they start doing their thing. If you find someone experienced, you can also expect things like soil testing, site surveys and council requirements fulfillment. Now is also the time to settle on site-related costs, site plan, perfect house layout, façade look and other variations to the design (these are all included in the tender). 

Find a temporary home

While demolition works take minimal time, rebuilding your house from scratch takes anywhere from 10 to 20 months, depending on the size and intricacy of your project. Therefore, you will need a place to live in during the construction process, so make sure to solve that part of the equation as well. If you can live with your relatives, you’re lucky, but if not, make sure to calculate the costs of your temporary lodging and include them in your budget. 

Commence demolition

Once everything is settled (you have contractors ready and your living situation is settled) you can find a prospective demolition partner and get them to file an application for demolition to your local council. Once you get all the necessary approvals, you can start with the demolition. If you want to save some money, try to find demolition experts who do salvaging and recycling of the materials, so you can use them in your new home. After demolition, expect some more testing on whether you need certain modifications to the plan and budget. 

So if you’re wondering whether you can knock down and rebuild your house, the answer is yes. However, before you hire a wrecking ball, make sure all your bases are covered and you’ve read even the tiniest of prints on all your contracts. Once you know all the things to consider, you can expect a stress-free rebuild and end up with a beautiful new home.