Moving Box Guide – What’s Used for What?


Moving to a new house is exciting for everyone. It is a good chance to meet new people, see new places, and experience a new environment.

Nevertheless, the entire process is hectic and full of many worries. This is because there are so many tasks involved. There are many small and big tasks that can stress you out and leave you exhausted.

One of the most stressful tasks is about moving boxes. From choosing the right boxes to packing your items, there is so much involved when packing boxes are concerned.

Before you begin packing, you first need to decide where and which type of moving boxes you need. If you involve commercial movers, do not worry. They will handle the task for you.

But if it is a DIY move, you need to ensure you get the right boxes. A moving box guide will help you know what is used for what. 

Type of moving boxes available

The first step is to know the type of moving boxes available. Keep in mind there are so many boxes on the market. However, some are not suitable for moving large or fragile items. Therefore, you need to ensure you buy the right moving boxes. 

Knowing the type of moving boxes available will help you pick the right boxes for packing. But to decide the type of boxes you need, you need to determine the items that need to be moved. 

Also, you need to understand that boxes are classified into size and purpose. There are small boxes for packing heavy items and big boxes for packing lighter items. In addition, they are those classified by purpose. For example, you can get dish boxes, custom boxes, mattress boxes, and many others. 

Therefore, take an inventory of all your household or office items you are moving. For instance, you need to get smaller boxes if you have many heavy items. But if you have lighter items, pick big boxes. 

Boxes categorized by size

1. Extra Large-sized moving boxes

These are moving boxes made for moving big things. They are well-designed to fit any large item. You can use them to pack your bulky but light items. 

2. Large-sized moving boxes

These are moving boxes for lighter items such as blankets, clothing, pillows, beddings, and others. Keep in mind that bigger boxes are for packing lighter items. 

By packing lighter items such as clothes, beddings, pillows, and blankets, you will be able to lift the box when loaded to the moving truck. In addition, movers cannot get hurt during the moving process. 

3. Medium-sized moving boxes

These are moving boxes made for packing various types of items. They are also referred to as all-purpose moving boxes. 

You can use the boxes to pack and move items such as kitchen utensils, pots, medium-sized appliances, small lamps, and many others. 

4. Small-sized moving boxes

Small-sized moving boxes are also known as book boxes. They are small and made for moving heavy items. You can use them to pack books, small appliances, and other heavy things you want to move. 

Boxes categorized by purpose

Apart from choosing the moving boxes by size, it would help to consider the purpose as well. It would help if you got special-purpose moving boxes to ensure you pack effectively. 

Some of the moving boxes categorized by purpose include:

1. Wardrobe moving boxes – these moving boxes are made for moving clothes. They are designed just like a real wardrobe. 

Moreover, they are big boxes with rods for hanging clothing, curtain, and others. So, if you do not want your clothes to get wrinkled when moving, wardrobe boxes are the best ones to consider. 

2. Custom moving boxes – these moving boxes are made for moving special household or office items. They are well-designed to move artwork, chandeliers, antiques, and other fragile items. 

3. Dish moving boxes – these moving boxes are designed for moving dishes. These are the best moving boxes to consider if you have several valuable kitchenware. 

To ensure you do not have broken dishes in your new home, you need to purchase the dish moving boxes. Special boxes have cell dividers to ensure every delicate dish is well protected. 

4. Mirror moving boxes – mirror moving boxes are made to move fragile items such as mirrors, artworks, glass tabletops, and large pictures. 

However, it would help if you used a cushion inside the box or bubble wrap to ensure the fragile items are well protected when moving. 

5. Lamp moving boxes – you need lamp moving boxes if you have tall floor lamps. This is because tall lamps are very delicate and hard to pack. Moreover, they are tall and big. 

Luckily, you can use lamp-moving boxes to pack and move them. These special boxes are tall, narrow, and well-designed to ensure you efficiently move your lamp. 

6. Flat-panel television moving boxes – these moving boxes are rectangular and available in various sizes. So, to protect your flat-screen TV when moving, you need to consider flat-panel television moving boxes.

They are well-designed, strong, and shown “This Side Up” to protect your television when packing and moving. 

7. Mattress moving boxes – these moving boxes are made for moving mattresses. Although it is possible to move a mattress without packing it in a box, some mattresses need extra protection. 

8. Insulated foam moving boxes – are moving boxes with foam containers inside. The boxes are used to relocate refrigerated or frozen items. They are designed to keep the temperature of the frozen things well controlled during travel. 


Packing your items properly when moving is very important. Thus, do not just pick any moving box when packing your valuable items. Make sure you get the right sizes and good-quality boxes. 

Moreover, you can engage office movers to help you pack your office items. They are qualified and come with the right moving boxes. When you hire professional movers such as NYC movers, you will be certain your items will be well packed and moved.

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