Washing Machine Problems and Solutions


If asked to mention the benefits of the washing machine to housewives in India, they will give a big smile. Yes, it is true that the washing machine has made the life of Indian women easier. But just imagine a situation where the washing machine encounters problems. Then the entire daily schedule of the family members can go haywire. If it is for bachelors in the room, then they will wash the clothes only on the weekends. Now, they have to wait for weekends to make the washing machine repair person come to the house. We are going to focus on washing machine problems, four of the most common that every washing machine owner experiences in his/her lifetime.

Problems Associated With The Washing Machine

There may be many problems linked with the washing machine such as making use of the wrong detergent, or the detergent level is very high. Some problems are linked to water leakage. Yes, some problems are simple and the other’s complex. The second type of problems needs a washing machine repair professional to first identify the problem and fix it. But for the simple problems, you just need to do some simple jobs to get the washing machine to normal again.

So, let us focus on the common washing machine problems which you can fix and the reason for their occurrence –

1. Washer Will Not Turn On

Is your favorite home appliance not turning on? Then it requires a simple fixture. You can find lots and lots of reasons on the internet for this problem. But the easy fixture may lay in your very hands.

A. Power

You need to first check if the appliance is getting the required power. It is better to use a multimeter to check the voltage. Since not all homes have a multimeter, kindly check in your room’s electrical panel whether the lines are proper and if the circuit breakers have been damaged or tripped.

If the circuit breaker has not tripped, then the problem may lie with the electrical outlet. So, you may need the services of an electrician to fix the non-supply of electricity to the appliance. Then the washing machine is perfect, and there will be no problems in the appliance. This is one of the most common washing machine problems.

B. Motor

If the motor of the washing machine is getting too hot or has become damaged, then it will not restart. The motor should not get overheated. If the parts get heated frequently, then you have to get this problem fixed by a professional.

C. Lid Switch

Do you have a front load or top load washing machine? The appliance is designed in such a way that it will stop when the door is opened. There is a lid switch which does this part. If the washing machine has to work, then the lid needs to be closed. If the washing machine does not start, kindly check if there is a problem with the lid switch. If there is, you need to hire the services of a professional to fix the problem.

D. Timer Knob

Do you have a model where the timer knob has to get aligned with control panel graphics? If the knob has gone slightly from the alignment, then the washing machine will not turn on. You need to slightly advance the timer. Then start the washing machine. It will get activated.

2. Drainage Problems

The drainage problem will range from a simple clog in the drain hose to changing the entire pump. But you can easily identify the problem with drainage. The reason, you will find the mess on the floor. Another common washing machine problem.

A. Drain Hose

There are many reasons for the drainage problem. Check the drainage hose. It may have suffered a clog. If the block is too stubborn, then you use the garden hose to flush the unwanted items out. Please do not use steel objects or sharp pins. The hose may get damaged.

Please find other reasons

  • You can find lint filters in the drain hose. So, you may have to remove them.
  • Kindly check if the drain hose is attached to the standpipe. Then back siphoning may happen. And the drainage hose should never get sealed.
  • Check the height of standpipe with the manufacturer’s manual. If it is less, then drainage problems may happen.

B. Drain Pump

Do you have a doubt, that the drainage pump has become jammed? Then the tub has to be drained, afterward disconnected. You need to check the hoses for foreign items. Please do not forget to check the insides of the pump. There are occasions that the pump may have to be removed from washer for the complete check. If you have removed the objects, then the washing machine will get turned on.

C. Drainage Pump

Do you have problems with the pump? Then there are chances that it may have got locked up and suffered a seizure. The motor will do its job and try desperate measures to activate the pump. In this situation, if the pump has a belt, then it will break or get burned. There are also chances that the pulley may also break. If the motor runs with tension on the belt, there are chances that the motor could suffer a seizure.

3. Foreign Items

There are chances that the pens, coins, and socks may get stuck in between the tub and basket. In this situation, the washer will not drain properly and the activity will come to full stop. In this occasion, the cabinet has to be opened to search for any obstacles. Although a common washing machine problem, you can fix this one.

4. Detergent

If you have not used the detergent as per the instructions of the manufacturer, you can experience too many suds in the washing process. In this case, the drying process will get slowed.


Please note, that the article is written with only one purpose in mind. Not all washing machine problems require the services of a professional. Agreed, you can get the washing machine repair technician in recent times by very easy method. Let us imagine the situation. You reside in Bangalore. And have a washing machine which gives the best service for ten years. But of late, there have been minor issues which you fix by the DIY method. Now, you feel that the appliance needs a maintenance service. So, you download the app of the best company which has the best technicians for washing machine repair in Bangalore and offers doorstep services. You book the service and easily solve the issue with this method.

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