A Definitive Guide to Visitor Insurance for USA


As the name implies, visitor insurance is designed for international travelers, especially people planning to visit the United States. The policy provides users with coverage for accidents, travel mishaps, and health issues. In simple terms, visitor insurance is short-term medical, health, and travel insurance that covers the medical and accidental expenses during the stay of the person in a particular country. Visitor insurance is recommended for your parents, relatives, or friends who are planning to visit the USA for a short period. It can also be obtained by business travelers or regular tourists.

Note that visitor insurance only provides coverage until your stay period in a foreign country. Once you get back to your hometown, you won’t be able to claim the money for accidents or sickness. Let’s have a look at the working of the visitor insurance policy.

How Does Visitor Insurance Work?

Have you purchased visitor insurance for USA? Whether you have a medical emergency or travel-related issue, you can claim visitor insurance in the case of an emergency. The following are the steps to claim visitor insurance.

At the Hospital

You can consult with the doctor and take the required medical treatment in a foreign country. The doctor might ask you to show the insurance documents.

  • Take your insurance documents to the hospital
  • The receptionist will ask you to provide personal, medical, and insurance-related information. Submit all the documents including the insurance cards.
  • The receptionist will call your insurance company to check and confirm the validity of each document.
  • Usually, the bills are sent straight to your insurance company. But in certain cases, you might be asked to clear the hospital bills.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the bill receipt if you have paid the medical expenses.

Get Your Bill

While claiming the insurance, the insurance company will ask you to show proof of medical treatment and bills. Make sure that you get a medical bill after the treatment. The bill should include the list of medical procedures along with their respective codes. You have to submit medical bills when filing for claims. The service provider will send medical bills either to the patient or their insurance company. Request the professionals to prepare an itemized bill that includes all the treatments you have received from the hospital.

Depending on the policy coverage, your insurance company will pay for your medicines as well. You must check the insurance policy to ensure that the company covers the medical bills. You can purchase the necessary medicines from the nearest pharmacy store and get a bill from the service provider. As pharmacy stores do not record details for visitor insurance, the patient needs to make an upfront payment at the pharmacy store. You can claim the amount paid for the medicines from your insurance company while filing the claim.  However, you must receive a proper bill to show it as evidence of your medicinal expenses.

Documents Needed for Visitor Insurance Claim

To file a visitor insurance claim, you need to submit a copy of I-94, copies of medical and pharma bills with listed medical services, a copy of your passport, copies of all the medical receipts, and a special letter featuring other necessary instructions.

The insurance company will review and verify all your submitted documents and transfer the payment for your claims. It can take up to 6 weeks to receive the payment since insurance providers need time to accumulate the necessary documents. You may need further documents depending on the insurance company’s requirements. They will also communicate with your service providers to verify the submitted documents.

How to Choose the Bets Visitor Insurance Product?

If you are looking for the perfect website that could offer you the best tools to select a suitable insurance product, then VisitorsCoverage can help you. They offer Help-me-choose tools that ask users to fill in the necessary information such as their age, medical emergencies, hospital stay period, treatment, and estimated cost. Once you submit this information, the website will narrow down your options to the most suitable insurance product.

However, the tourists must not purchase the insurance product based on the information provided by the tool. Before you purchase the insurance product, you must go through the coverage, benefits, exclusions, and limitations of the policy to make an informed decision. This tool will help you to pick the most suitable insurance covers that fit your requirements and budget.

Compare Insurance Benefits

The insurance companies will offer different insurance cards and policies. It depends on your medical emergency and the total estimated cost of the hospital that determines which insurance policy may fit your requirements well. You must compare the benefits of different visitor insurance products and pick the one that suits all your requirements.

As mentioned before, you can use the Help-me-choose tool if you face difficulty in selecting the insurance plan. Based on the guidance, you can select the most appropriate visitor insurance for the USA policy.

Why Opt for VisitorsCoverage?

VisitorsCoverage has been offering exceptional travel and visitor insurance products since 2006. They have helped customers to plan their medical expenses in a foreign country in advance. The company allows its customers to select from a wide range of travel insurance policies and pick the best plan that meets their requirements. By purchasing the travel and visitor insurance from VisitorsCoverage, you can rest assured that your next trip to the USA or other international countries will be safe.

Even if you experience unpredictable mishaps or a medical sickness during your foreign stay period, you can count on VisitorsCoverage for covering all your medical expenses. The company helps you choose the best insurance product based on your requirements. Customers can access the necessary tools that help them make an informed decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote, compare the different insurance products, purchase the most suitable visitor health insurance for the USA, and get coverage for your medical and travel emergencies in a foreign country.

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