Top 6 Apps for Creating Digital Wedding Albums


There is no doubt to it that you have gone through a whole checklist to ensure that every minute detail of your wedding falls into place. In the zest to make everything perfect, you might have gone through the aspect of wedding album photography very seriously as wedding photography is the best way to preserve the perfect and happy moments of your wedding day.

The contemporary digital wedding albums are the best way to ensure that you do not miss out on any wedding pictures that have been taken by your photographer as well as your guests. Through digital albums, not only you can treasure your once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories, but also can share your special moments with your near and dear ones. Let’s get down to the top five apps that help you create stunning digital wedding albums.

Happy Wedding App

iOS, Android and Web

Happy Wedding App is a wedding photo-sharing app that allows you to share your wedding pictures in a completely different and new way. Stunning templates, it lets you create stylish and innovative digital wedding albums that you can later share with your loved ones. Not only does it deal with wedding album photography, but it also helps to create an amazing wedding buzz owing to its unique features.

Happy Wedding App is a multi-language platform that lets you create your personalized wedding app, share your love story, send wedding invitation videos and cards digitally, create albums using stylish templates, tag the faces in the wedding album, allow social interactions on your wedding pictures, and create wedding buzz in style using ‘N days to go’ pictures.


iOS and Android

Wedpics is basically a photo-sharing application that lets your guests upload pictures of your wedding day. Not only you can just upload the pictures, but it also allows editing the photographs directly on the app. There are amazing filters and stickers available for you to edit wedding pictures. The highlight of this app is you can invite unlimited guests to your website by sharing a custom URL. As all your guests upload the pictures they have taken, you can save your favorite pictures to preserve them in the wedding album.



The Eversnap iOS application which was previously known as Wedding Snap allows the creation of customized wedding albums on its site. It gives a custom code that you can share with your guests and relatives so that they can upload the pictures that they have clicked on the app. It has some really attractive instruction cards that you can use in your wedding program so that your guests can go through your wedding details.


iOS and Android

Veri is an amazing app created by The Knot which is also a wedding photo app. Veri lets you share the wedding photos automatically. Once you share the custom code so as in Eversnap with your guests, the app will automatically upload the photos that will be taken during the time of the ceremony that has been set by the host. With the Veri app, you can see the location as where exactly that particular picture was taken. Veri does the work and does not keep you waiting till your guests upload the pictures.


iOS and Android

With Wedbox, you can share and see the wedding photos in a most stylish manner. Also, you can choose who will access the digital photo album by inviting the guests for joining the application. Anyone whom you invite can upload the pictures and videos of the wedding events. It allows smart categorization of the pictures so you can divide the pictures event-wise by not creating a mess.


iOS and Android

As the name suggests, Ceremony is a photo-sharing application that keeps all the guests attending your wedding ceremonies in a loop. The free version of the app allows adding unlimited events, sending invitations, scheduling in order to create the buzz, and sharing photos and videos. The app has an inbuilt camera which we can use to click and share the wedding pictures. Also, you can share the pictures that are present in your camera roll. The highlight of this app is its messaging feature which keeps you connected with all your guests to convey any last-minute changes or to unleash the surprises with a blast.

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