What Makes SodaStream Soda Makers The Best


SodaStream Fountain Jet Review

The thoughts about making their own healthy soda have inspired many individuals to resort to soda makers such as SodaStream Fountain Jet. The machines are available in multiple colors that can blend with any type of kitchen countertop.

Why Should You Buy a SodaStream Fountain Jet

What makes SodaStream soda makers the best is that they are easy to install and operate. They can be easily maintained, and require no battery or electricity to operate. The SodaStream Fountain Jet comes with plastic bottles that can easily be washed by hand. However, for healthy soda making, these bottles need to be replaced every two years.

Being made of plastic, the machine is lightweight making it easy for you to handle. It stands at a height of 16.7 cm, easing your concerns about storing it inside the cabinets. Needless to say, it requires very minimal space to store. The Fountain Jet comes with one glass bottle that features a hermetic seal. This makes it capable of preventing the soda from flattening if stored with the cap tightly closed.

Salient Features Worth Noting

The SodaStream Fountain Jet features an automatic access gas release mechanism and can use extra-large carbonators as well. The machine comes with a 110-liter carbonated gas cylinder or cartridge. Once you remove the soda machine’s back cover, you find the space to install the cartridge. The cylinder comes with a protective cap that needs to be unscrewed to fit it into the best soda maker. Once done, snap the cover back in place.

Wash the glass bottle, and fill it up with cold water till the marked level. The soda tastes best with chilled water. Once the cap is removed, the bottle can easily fit into the front of the soda machine. Pressing the push button a few times releases gas into the bottle. Upon hearing a loud buzz, you need to press a couple of times more to finish the soda-making process. Before you swivel the glass bottle out from the machine, you need to keep a cap full of soda flavor ready to be poured into the bottle.

Once the bottle is taken out, pour in the flavor quickly and screw back the bottle cap. This prevents the gas from escaping. Shaking the bottle back and forth two to three times helps mix the syrup well into the soda.

The 110-liter gas cartridge can make up to 110 liters of soda. In order to replace the cartridge, you need to contact any of the SodaStream retailers whose names can be found on the SodaStream website. You just need to return the empty cartridge and pay for the gas to get the new one. One glass of soda would suffice the needs of 2 people at a time. As a result, you need to make the soda multiple times with the 1-liter soda maker to serve more than two people.

Final Verdict!

You can buy additional bottles from the SodaStream store at the Amazon marketplace. Storing in the bottles provided by the company ensures the freshness and the fizziness of the soda last long without flattening out. This can be achieved if the bottle’s cap is tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place. If refrigerated or stored properly, it can last for up to a week.

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