4 Tips for Improving Cybersecurity of Your Business


In this digital age, where technologies are advancing rapidly, it is crucial for businesses to take their cybersecurity seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a large corporation; if you have an online presence, your business is always at risk.

Businesses need to understand the importance of their data and why it needs to be protected at all costs. Data is everything in the age of technology, and if your business loses its data, you will be fighting an uphill battle. Your data can also get stolen by a third-party, which can harm your business excessively. 

Businesses must also do compromise assessments from time to time to ensure they aren’t at any risk. In this article, I have mentioned a few tips that can help businesses improve their cybersecurity. Let’s take a look:

Use Password Managers

Regardless of how many employees you have, you must encourage them all to use a password manager. One of the major reasons so many businesses get compromised online is that they take their password security lightly. If people are leaving their password around or sticky note or are saving it in their browsers, they are taking a big risk.

If the password of even a single employee falls into the wrong hands, it can cause some serious troubles for your business. That is why it is highly recommended that you use a password manager in your workplace. 

Lastpass is one of the best password managers out there, and you can provide access to your employees for any account without having to give them the password directly. You will have to pay a subscription fee, but it will be totally worth it.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another great way of protecting your business against cyberattacks is to use two-factor authentication. By encouraging all your employees to use two-factor authentication, you can dramatically reduce the risk of a breach.

With this system in place, your employees won’t be able to access their accounts just with a password. In order to login into their account, they will have to type their password and a computer-generated code that was sent to them via email or SMS. That way, even if someone’s password is leaked, no one would be able to access their account.

You can also use Google authenticator for your business to automatically generate login codes for your employees.

Network Segmentation 

One of the best and the most underrated ways of improving your business’s online security is network segmentation. It’s like treating your network connections like a submarine and having different compartments that can be completely separated from the other one.

The reason why this technique is so effective is that it helps you minimize the damage. If one of your network connections is breached, you can isolate it and protect all the other users and servers connected to other networks.

It will also make it easy for you to get rid of the malware. You won’t be looking for a needle in a haystack and will have a much better chance of finding the breach. 

Backup Regularly

Backing up data regularly is a habit every business needs to adopt. If you suffer data loss from a cyberattack, you won’t be able to recover it if you don’t have any backups. There are several recovery apps out there that claim to recover your data, but they only recover a chunk of it. That is why you must create daily or weekly backups of your data so you don’t have to worry about losing anything permanently.

It is recommended that you use software that allows you to schedule backup so that you can automate it.