8 Reasons to Get You a Cartier Baignoire Watch


Are you thinking about getting a quality watch for yourself or someone near and dear to your heart? If you are, a Cartier Baignoire Gold online makes a great choice. 

Watches aren’t just functional – they also put you in an exclusive fraternity. In fact, people will treat you way different if you have an expensive timepiece on your wrist. If you were contemplating between getting an ordinary watch and a designer one, here are top reasons to go with the latter.

Creates an opportunity

It is hard to imagine how getting a Cartier Baignoire Gold online and rocking it will open up doors for you. The reality is, people are visual – and tend to judge others based on how they look and present themselves. They look at how smart, attractive, tasteful, and successful based on visual indicators. Wearing a designer watch gives you more opportunities because it changes the way people see you. 

To stand out

Nothing sets you apart from the rest as a designer watch. This is especially true if you work in an industry where business people and manly men wear something without leading to additional questions to be asked. In such a space, you can communicate your values, tastes, style, etc., but you don’t have to do so verbally – the watch will.

Investment value

Another great reason to get a designer watch is its investment value. Purchasing the right timepiece at the right price means you’ll have your money there. The value will stay intact, or appreciate most of the time. In worst cases that it depreciates, it’s usually minimal cost. So, getting a good quality watch can be equated to saving your money for future use.

It’s a thing of beauty

It is not uncommon for people to invest lots of money on art pieces or sculptures that do nothing but look beautiful where they are placed. So, there’s nothing wrong with getting an expensive watch for yourself. After all, designer watches aren’t just beautiful – they are also useful. A cheap watch will indeed tell the time, but a high-end Cartier Baignoire stands out with its intricate complications, shimmering dial, and supple leather or steel gold straps. 

Mark the occasion

Whether you are celebrating your wedding day, wedding anniversary, birthday, promotion, or any other special event, a designer watch can help you commemorate the day. It’s even possible to engrave the message and date on the back of the case. This way, you’ll remember the special day whenever you look at the watch. And the best part is that since the watch is of high quality, it can serve as a family treasure that you’ll pass to your child and your grandchild.

Shows your personality

There are possibly thousands of designer watches to select from, each with varying style and look. The watch you choose will, therefore, tell a lot about the type of person you are – it is not a coincidence that to pick a particular watch out of the incredible selection out there. And as we mentioned earlier, watches are more than just time machines – otherwise, they would be replaced by phones. They are a statement and tell a lot about your personality. The complexity, style, make, material, colour, and size of your watch say a lot about you and where you are or want to be.

It’s a nice thing

Most people want nicer things in life. High-end watches are almost always beautifully designed from superior materials. These watches are usually more scratch-resistant, durable, and diverse. It’s easy to assume that any cheap watch can serve the purpose, but if we used this reasoning, no one would drive a Bentley, Mercedes, or Lexus. Again, everyone would be travelling by public means, and wearing cheap clothing – but we know that’s not what happens because we all love nice things.

Satisfy your desires

Have you ever paused for a second to ask yourself why people buy houses with numerous rooms that they don’t even need or buy a car with top speeds (like 00km/h) that they will never even try? Well, that’s the exact reason people go for a high-end timepiece. They may not need it, but the purchase goes a long way to satisfy their desires. Getting a good watch for yourself can be the best way to fulfill your life-long dreams, desire to improve your self-esteem, or to boost your ego. And if you can afford it, then why not?

Great conversation topics

A great watch can help you break the ice without a struggle. Watch lovers love to talk about watches – which is a good thing because now you will have something to talk about.


It is an excellent thing to own a designer timepiece. In addition to setting you apart from others, it tells a lot about your place in life, as well as your personality and style.

Image Credit: pxhere.com

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