Clothing Styles that Never Go Wrong on Any Occasion


In every runway and fashion week, we come across a new and exciting trend. Last year, the high-waist pants made all eyes turn, while bootcut style has captured everyone’s attention this year. In addition, we have seen a lot of models flaunting floral dresses, jumpsuits, trench coats, and funky sweatpants. After all, today’s fashion trends are all about promoting comfort and making people feel confident.

Designers and retailers are scrolling youth culture, street style, and nostalgia for inspiration. They want to bring trendy clothes that people can wear over and over again, without fearing it will go out of fashion. Thus, the fashion industry will witness trends making a blast from the past and some new ones such as puffed sleeves. Even though trends keep changing every season, certain clothing items never go out of style.

If you are ready to make some style statements, it is time to update your wardrobe. Here, we have made a list of clothing styles that will never go wrong on any occasion.

1. Bootcut Pants

Truthfully, the trend for nostalgic bootcut denim continues to gain traction in 2021. The low-waisted 1990s flared jeans with crop tops have become every woman’s favorite outfit. Whether a dinner or a lunch date with friends – bootcut pants are the new go-to fit staple in every wardrobe. The ideal thing about this style is that it looks good on women of every shape and size. Skinny women can achieve a taller look by pairing these jeans with a casual t-shirt. Likewise, bulky women can opt for bootcut jeans plus size to flaunt their curves with grace and style.

2. Timeless T-Shirts

Believe it or not, every girl needs a good pair of t-shirts in their life. In addition to being classic and straightforward, the versatility of t-shirts makes sure it never goes out of fashion. Above all, t-shirts offer a plethora of styling options. You can layer it with a lace top, tuck it into a dress shirt, or pair it with a blazer to give it a formal touch. Similarly, you can even wear t-shirts with sweatpants while working out. In short, it is an indispensable piece of clothing that you can pair with anything. Also, it is up to you whether you want fitted or flowy t-shirts since both styles look equally chic.

3. Black Heels

It can be a formal dinner or an office meeting – you can never go wrong with black heels. So, do you own any black heels? Most women have black coat shows that give a classy and elegant look with every outfit. Likewise, some ladies prefer black block heels for more comfort. Regardless of the style, you have to add some details to the simple pair of black heels. Perhaps, you can opt for an ankle strap, flower, or brooches. Otherwise, you can even opt for black heels with silver embellishments if you want to wear them on formal occasions.

4. Day Dress & Maxis

Lately, day dresses have become staple clothing pieces. Women have been obsessing over floral prints as they make the perfect summer outfit. Thus, find your favorite silhouette and color and get yourself the best day dress this season. You can opt for solid colors, warmer tones, or anything that suits your style. At the same time, pick a silhouette that is work-appropriate and sophisticated but not too formal. It would allow you to transition easily from daytime activities to work. For days when you don’t feel like flaunting your legs, get a few floor-length maxis to make some style statements.

5. Trench Coats

As chilly weather is around the corner, everyone looks for something chic, modest, and casual. Well, trench coats could be a perfect fit for this session. Initially worn by the British soldiers, these coats have become a classic style icon worldwide. In addition to a sleek design, it has different functional features. The material protects people from rain and wind while keeping them warm.

Moreover, you can experiment with multiple looks with these trench coats. Perhaps, wear them over a t-shirt, jeans, or a mini dress. Similarly, you can match them with sneakers, heels, or boots.

6. Cropped Cardigans

The concept of cropped cardigans is more of a vintage-inspired trend, kicked off by brands like Alessandra Rich and Zara. These short-length sweaters look best when paired with high-waist jeans and sweatpants. You can even button up the cardigan or match it with a tank top underneath. Otherwise, take some inspiration from Blake Lively and wear these cropped cardigans with a pencil skirt. In addition to looking stylish, it would give a formal touch, allowing you to wear it to work.

7. Candy-Colored Sweatpants

Designers believe this years’ trends were inspired by couch clothing. After all, people have spent most of their time indoors, and the demand for comfy clothing was high. Following that, designers have launched sweatpants in pastels and juicy, bold colors. The candy-colored sweatpants have a catchy appeal which means, you can make eyes turn while flaunting these. If you like colors, pair these pants with colorful tops. Otherwise, you can always flaunt a basic white or black tee with these.

8. Puffed Sleeves

Among all other fashion trends, puffed sleeves have received a lot of attention from designers globally. May it be dresses or jumpsuits, you can find every piece of clothing in puffy sleeves design. Likewise, many celebs have been flaunting trench coats with ballooned shoulders, making a unique style statement. More or less, the exaggerated puff sleeves are a silhouette that makes the outfits stand out. Hence, make sure you have a few outfits with these sleeves.

9. Shackets

The brushed checkered ‘shackets’ have gained a lot of traction. It is a combination of a shirt and jacket, ruling the current fashion industry. This clothing is fuller than a typical shirt but not as bulky or warm as a trench coat. Thus, a perfect jacket when you have to run out in a hurry. Moreover, you can pair these shackets with turtlenecks, plain t-shirts, or tank tops. For bottoms, opt for sweatpants or mom jeans to achieve a street-style casual look.

Final Thoughts

Fashion trends keep evolving. One day, you will spot Kylie flaunting high-waist shorts while Gigi might be wearing a floral dress the other minute. Despite the fast-changing fashion industry, a few pieces of clothing never go out of style. After all, you can wear a basic white t-shirt to a dinner date, office, and lunch. Similarly, trench coats, bootcut pants, and puffed sleeves have become examples of statement clothing this season.

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