Flowers- The Ceaseless Beauty And A Gift To Cherish Forever


Flowers are a timeless gift. In every period of time, it continued to hold much importance and had several meanings for it. 

In the Greek mythology, the red rose is associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. It is said that roses are formed from the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of her lover, Adonis. That’s why red roses represent passionate and intimate love and in the new age it has become a tradition of giving red roses to the lover on Valentine’s day. 

Ever wondered since when flowers became the way of communication? 

It was the Victorian era that gave very importance to etiquette, class and proper behaviour that’s why showing direct interest to someone in a flirtatious conversation was prohibited. People then incorporated the Middle East’s way of conveying messages through flowers and soon it became very popular to use the language of flowers to show their interest in someone. 

Flower, thus, is spreading its glory in human lives and has been able to fabricate the envelope of love around people. 

Flowers Gives An Everlasting Memory

Flowers always take us down memory lane and connect us to the cherished moments. A classic example to connote the above statement is that the practice of keeping dried out flowers securely in between the pages of the book to preserve the fond moments. Flowers are the best souvenir that you can give to your family and friends, a token of remembrance. And such is the charm of flowers that it doesn’t lose its importance and the ability to spread happiness even after it gets wrinkled up and devoid of its vibrant colours. The dried flower triggers our lovely moments and makes us relive it again, for as many times as we would want by just an espy of it. 

The Language of Flowers

Let’s dive into a different aspect of floral knowledge. If you have come this far reading the blog you surely have encountered the phrase “The language of flowers“. Flowers have various aspects to consider; it is used for decorative purposes, it has medicinal values, it is used as an art, it makes our loved ones feel special. But in this section let’s get to know the flower language in depth. 

What Is Floriography? 

The language of flowers is also known as Floriography. Its history dates back to the Victorian era where people aren’t allowed to openly express their feelings and affection for someone. Flower then came to the fore as a symbol of expressing various feelings. The floral arrangement, the colour of the flower all signify different meanings; tussie-mussies became very popular at that time. Since then, flowers become the mediator and it continues to be the same till date. 

What Is Tussie-Mussies?

Tussie-Mussies is the famous bouquet in the reign of Queen Victoria. It is also known as nosegay or posy. Traditionally this bouquet is of circular design with a single flower in the middle surrounded with fragrant herbs tightly held together and wrapped in a lace doily. Tussie-Mussies are held in various ways in hand to send different messages or indications to the one whom someone tries to woo. 

Some Popular Flowers And Their Symbolism


Red tulips are mostly given to express the deepest and perfect love for someone. It got associated with symbolising the ‘perfect love’ because of the folklore tale of the perfect love of Farhad and Shirin, the Turkish and Persian legends. The first tulip is said to have grown in the tragic love story when the blood of Farhad and Shirin hit the ground. The tulips are then grown symbolised their eternal love. 

Pink tulips symbolise affection and good wishes, purple tulip symbolises royalty, the yellow tulip is for happiness and cheerfulness and white tulip symbolises purity and respect. You can get the best tulips in Floraindia, online flower delivery in Gurgaon and send it to someone you want to express your deepest emotions. 


Carnation symbolizes distinction, fascination and love. According to Christian belief when Virgin Mary witnessed Jesus carrying the cross, her tears fell and then carnation bloomed from her tears. 

Carnation comes in many colours and different colours signifies different attributes. White carnation symbolises good luck and purity, yellow carnations you can send someone who’s disappointed at you, purple carnation is really fascinating as it represents capriciousness, pink carnation denotes gratitude, light red carnation symbolizes admiration and deep red symbolises love and affection. 


Gerbera daisy symbolizes cheerfulness, innocence and purity. Gerbera comes in a variety of vibrant colours the bouquet of which surely will uplift anyone’s mood. Gerbera is a very popular flower after roses, tulips and carnations. They come in bright colours to brighten up your day. 


Gladiolus is a part of the iris family. Gladiolus are associated with many meanings. It symbolises strength and integrity. Gladiolus also symbolises infatuation, admiration and faithfulness. It signifies strong moral values as well.  


Anthurium is also known as the flamingo flower because of the heart shape it has. Anthurium symbolises hospitality again due to being open heart-shaped. 

Lily of the Valley- 

Lily of the Valley has great significance in Christianity as this flower is mentioned in the Bible as the sign of Christ’s second coming. The white flowers also symbolise purity, sweetness and motherhood. 


Peonies symbolizes romance, good fortune, honour, compassion and bashfulness. In China peonies are of great importance and are referred to as the “King of flowers“. It also is used in flower bouquets of the bride and signifies happy married life.

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