Tips to Buy Fashionable Sunglasses Online


It is so much easier these days to go shopping! You can now shop online for just about anything. Be it groceries or fashion wear. In fact, you can even buy good quality branded sunglasses online! However, is it really not as simple as it looks. When buying sunglasses online, you have to follow a few extra measures to ensure that you are getting what you need.

So how do you do that? This article will share some exclusive tips to help you buy your next pair of branded sunglasses online! 

Determine your facial shape

First things first, you will have to determine your face shape to make the right selection. If you are not sure what shape you have, then you can click a picture with your hair pulled back, exposing your cheekbones. Now use a sharpie to create dots on your jawline, cheekbones, and brow line. Use these dots as a reference point to see if the sunglasses will match your face shape. You can also do the same by drawing your face in the mirror with lipstick. Alternatively, you can also look for advanced online sellers that give you tools to see in real time how your face will look with the glasses on.

Follow these basic rules

The best way to determine the right frame size is to ensure that they span the entire width of your face which should remain invisible from the sides of your lenses. There are many online shops that offer precise product descriptions with specific measurements such as frame width, length of the face, temple length, etc. Make sure you check all of them out and then measure your face to see if the style will indeed go well with your facial structure.

Here are some frame suggestions depending on your face shape.

  • Oval face: If your face is oval, then you may have to struggle a bit to find the perfect frame. Ideally, the classic and trendy picks may just work well with your face cut. But make sure that your frame is an opposite shape from your face. For instance, if you have an oval face, then square or round glasses will look good.
  • Round face: Just like an oval, a round face will have the most space between its cheekbones with a stronger jawline and brow line curve. Such face cuts can complement square frames and rectangular frames beautifully.
  • Square face: A square face has a strong jawline with all dots being equally apart from one another. Try cat-eye frames and styles for a square face.
  • Heart-shaped: the dots marked between your brows are farthest apart and the ones near the jawline are closest. This type of face shape can sport aviators and rimless glasses with an élan. It is very easy to find aviator styles in Ray-Ban. Just go online and find the one that suits your budget and requirements.
  • Oblong face: You should consider wearing oversized sunglasses if your face is long and the space between your jawline as well as the brow line is the maximum.

Some hacks to get the shape right

  • If you want to shorten your face and make it look petite, then you should consider picking glasses that have deep and narrow frames with legs that are closer to the middle body of your sunglasses.
  • There are also many embellished frames out there that can work wonders in widening your face.
  • Most women often make the mistake of not taking their facial measurements into account when buying sunglasses for a small face. However, in that case, you should look for frames that have the shortest distance between side hinges. These frames will, ideally, suit a small face better.
  • To make your face appear longer, wear rimless sunglasses or wide styles that elongate your facial frame. You can also look for styles that come with a high nose bridge.
  • A broad forehead can be minimized by wearing sunglasses that have legs connected at the bottom of the frame rather than the top which creates an illusion.
  • If your eyes are set closer and you want them to appear wide, then you should consider buying narrow frames that will center your eyes. Look for glasses with colored temples or clear nose bridges.
  • Oversized frames can minimize a large nose by bringing attention to your facial features.
  • Accentuate cheekbones by wearing glasses with printed temples.

Buying sunglasses is all about assessing your face structure and finding a pair that can help accentuate the right features. These tips will educate you about face cuts and corresponding shapes to help you make an informed decision when shopping online.

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